While we're trying to build up Mizzou to be a rival

Why did we stop playing Texas after we left the SWC?

Same reason the Aggies stopped playing them when they left the Little Dozen. Because UT got butthurt when we gave them the middle finger. We played SMU every year until 2000 (I suspect that was largely for Dallas area recruiting), but didn’t play any other SWC schools in the regular season until we beat Texass at Austin in '03. It will probably take UT about 10-12 years to play A&M again, if A&M will agree to play. Right now, they may not.

I would also add that the UT perception (fan base, in particular) of us is dramatically different that our view of ourselves. There are exceptions, of course, but by and large today’s group of Texas fans view us as a middle-tier team with no “sex appeal”; in other words, they are not any more excited about playing us that we would be to play - for example - Iowa State or Purdue. Worse, they are close enough to Arkansas to “think” they know all about us, and sadly - even today - most of them still carry the stereotype of the Hillbilly, backwoods caricature that has been around forever (of course - 95% of them have never been to NWA).

In other words - there is very little interest in playing us.

From a more practical standpoint (Athletic Director), they want to play (as we do) mostly teams that will not require a return game so that they can play as many non-conference games at home, to benefit from all of the revenue that home games generate. Obviously, we’re not interested in that. And the idea of a neutral site game is not attractive to them, as they already play Oklahoma on a neutral (read that, “never on campus”) game each season; so they don’t want another one (neither do we - we already have the Aggie game in Arlington each season). Further more, while not really threatened by Arkansas as a recruiting adversary, Texas is aware that we desperately want to recruit the state and that playing games against UT - whether in Arkansas or in Texas - helps us in that regard.

Now, some of the older (50+) crowd still likes the occasional game against Arkansas for “good old day” reasons, but each year that number becomes reduced, and the percentage of younger fans who have no romantic memories of the classic Texas-Arkansas games of the past increases.

Arkansas wants to play Texas.

Has a game that Texas owes them.

Texas keeps pushing it back.

Currently scheduled for 2021.

Herman will have them humming by then I’m sure they’ll be glad to show up

Will BB still be on the hill ?

I remember when Arkansas used to play Oklahoma State and Tulsa every year. I wish Oklahoma State was still on the schedule. Forgive me if I am wrong, but one of the reasons that game is no longer scheduled is because of bad blood between the programs. I’m not sure I have that exactly right. Tulsa didn’t want to play any more because they grew wearier of playing in Fayetteville every year and wanted a home-and-home, which Arkansas had no desire to comply. But I always thought the Arkansas-Oklahoma State matchup was a good non-conference “rivalry.”

Arkansas also wants to play Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Long has reached out to them.

They have - os of yet - shown no desire to play

I’ve been told that series ended because Arkansas was reluctant to play Oklahoma State anywhere but Little Rock. Oklahoma State would be a great matchup if the schools could ever get it worked out. The campuses are just three hours apart. Both teams are also heavily dependent on Dallas area recruiting. I could see that being a game at AT&T Stadium if Texas A&M is ever able to get out of the contract.

I’d much rather play A&M home-and-home … and Okie State every year in AT&T.

SEC regular season games on campus … and an OOC Power 5 at a “true” neutral site.

Like I said, I wasn’t 100 percent sure on the reason why the OSU-UA series was stopped, but I sure would like to see them work it out for the future. Even if it’s home-and-home and not Dallas, it would still be a short trip for fans from both universities. But Dallas would be nice, too, if and when A&M goes home-and-home.

Matt’s take on why the OSU series ended is dead on.

However, It’s important to remember that, back when that was going on, OSU was like Kansas is now: A terrible program that was heavily overshadowed by surrounding schools. It made sense, when things were bad, for OSU to agree to play the game in LR every year. Playing in Stillwater would be less money and probably very little home field advantage.

When OSU’s program began to improve, Arkansas had no interest in a home-and-home with them. In those days, Arkansas tried to fill its non-con schedule with rent-a-wins (you only had three non-con games a year in an 11-game season) Playing at OSU didn’t fit the strategy.

Similar scenario with with Tulsa. Arkansas steadfastly refused to play in Tulsa, even though it would have been a home game atmosphere for the Hogs (TU was lucky to draw 10,000 in the 1970s).

While TU fans whined about the unfairness of playing every year in Arkansas, the TU athletic department happily cashed the checks and re-upped for more games in across the border. That didn’t change until the TU fans made so much noise that it was no longer worth the trouble to the AD.

We started playing Okie Lite regularly in 1950, skipping only 1954 between then and the end of the series in 1980. In those 30 games, we played in Stillwater twice (1951 and 1978) and Fayetteville (1975) once. The other 27 meetings were in WMS. We didn’t want to give up that home game, and I’m amazed OSU kept coming to Little Rock as long as they did.