While we weren't looking, Oregon...

Suddenly sucks at football, in spite of the glitzy unis and all Phil Knight’s money. Ducks are 2-4, getting drilled by Cal tonight, and can’t handle Spike Dykes’ uptempo offense. Turnabout is a witch, or something like that. Starting to look like Oregon, Notre Dame and Texas may all miss bowl games this year. :lol:

Update: Ducks came back from 21-zip to force OT but Cal kicked FG in OT then got interception to win 52-49. Ducks now lost 5 straight.

At the time, I thought the Nebraska win over the Ducks was impressive. Now, not so much. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cornhuskers take a few steps back over the next several weeks; @ Wisconsin, @ Ohio State & Minnesota. Success can be fleeting.