While tonight bashing was great, I worry....

Tonight was great!! I just love to see us crush LSU. Just really don’t like
the Tigers.

My concern now with this crushing win is what will happen for game 2. We
rarely beat LSU like this, generally they are nail-biters. Also, it seems when
we have a monster game, we tend to come out flat the next game. So I
expect a much closer game as LSU makes adjustments, I just hope, we do
not come out flat and instead come out with our hair on fire!

WPS!!! Lets win the series on Firday, then sweep this trash off our porch
on saturday!!


Arkansas followed up a 12-run game with a 10-run game against Mississippi State, and an 11-run game with a 15-run game against Tennessee. This offense has not fallen off much this year, especially at home. And LSU does not have the pitching of those two teams. LSU’s pitching staff is a mess.

I’ll second that motion Matt. Always try to be positive. The series is at Baum and the Box. I think the bats are heating up even through it was a bit chilly tonight. Get Walker in the stretch and make him throw stikes. Our offense can score enough runs to beat anybody.

On your point about our offense:

Five dingers tonight puts us at 69 for the year which takes over the SEC lead from the Chickens. SoCar has 67, and Vandy has 66 even with Bleday clubbing them left and right. Also puts us into the top 8 nationally.

Another offensive number of note. We hit .296 for the season last year after that lovely 2-29 in the last game at Omaha; most of the year we were like .302, .304, somewhere in there. As of tonight we’re hitting .311 this year (school record is .347 in '97 when we couldn’t get anyone out and finished fifth in the SEC West). Averaging 8.1 runs per game this year; last year was 6.97.

Tennessee Tech is again way up there, second nationally with 76 dingers, although far from their ridiculous pace of last year. Indiana leads the country with 81. Pretty sure at this point no one gets to 100 unless somebody just goes nuts in postseason play.

We didn’t use up pitchers tonight. As usual Isiah shut m down after that 1st inning. If Wicklander has a good outing tomorrow (at least 5 good innings), we will have some good rested relievers to finish.
I’m thinking sweep and so is DVH I bet.

I didn’t see any “bashing” unless you’re referring to our Home Runs…

The better team wins again…