While the usual suspects dance on his grave

Bielema continues to handle this with class.

I have a lot of respect for him and I’ll be rooting for him at his next stop.

It had to end, here, but we would have been much better served to have handled it the way the ousted Long and Bielema did.

They deserve a lot more respect and better treatment than they’ve received.

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I think both CBB and Long handled this with more class than our University Leadership did

Well said!


I’m embarrassed to be an alum. I can take a bad football team but the absolute lack of class shown by the shot callers has made me seriously question whether they’ll ever see another dime of my money. That won’t amount to squat for them but they lost a lifetime fan. I camped out for Barnhill tickets. I watched McReynolds hit home runs. I never thought I’d see the day but I’m done.

And as usual, you have the ignorant Twitter response from people with no class. These are the bandwagon fans who cheer as long as we win but insult when things don’t go their way. Next coach will get a dose sooner or later. Wish Long and Biliema good luck wherever they wind up.

Perfectly stated Notorious. Our university looks bad, low-class move.

Rough day to be a Razorback. Heartbroken for CBB and the players…

Yep. A press conference at noon Saturday would have been just fine. No reason to do it this way. Just awful.

Arkansans are good people. We endear ourselves to everyone. However, that doesn’t mean everyone lives up to our expectations.

I’m just sick to lose this good man as our coach even though I know it had to happen, but I’m totally disgusted with the jerks who are laughing & dancing about it. One thing is certain, the kids on the team don’t want him gone.

Another thing is certain. He left the program in better shape than he found it. Had he stayed he’d have had a better record next year. So will our new coach. The biggest difference is that next year the new coach will have fan support.

I am one of those who thought he needed to be terminated but I’m not dancing on his grave. He is a good man, showed class until the end, and I wish him well in the future. The UA should have waited until tomorrow to make the announcement.

Would that your last sentence were as true as the remaining parts of the post. I read the Whole Hog Sports articles and forum posts because it is the only way for me to keep up with my beloved Hogs (win or lose) now that I am so far removed geographically (local coverage is VERY poor!!). However, particularly for the past year or so, I have never seen such vitriol as has been posted by so many. It even beats the classless comments of “fans” of LSU in Baton Rouge. However, I do muchly appreciate the comments and insight of those of you reporters and posters who do not fit into the above category.

You can question what he did on the football field but his character and class are second to none. Long too.

great man no two ways about it.The SEC west is a meat grinder and unless you can recruit extremely well its going to be tough.I have he utmost of respect for the man,always positive and classy and I will always be a fan of his just wish it could have worked out for him,God bless you coach B wish you the best!

It was time but those in charge could have handled it better. CBB is a good guy and I wish him well in the future. I don’t fault our interim AD - I’m sure she’s just doing what she’s told to do.

But the people that told her to handle it this way are the same people that will be responsible for picking an AD and coach and I am very disappointed in their leadership. If this is par for the course - I’m sure Gus will be our new coach. Classless.

coach B showed absolute class
which he has shown throughout his tenure

i am sad for him

when the announcement was made i assumed it was at the predetermined time and would not catch any involved parties unaware. i assumed the timing was agreed upon to give coach time for the players. they would hear it from him

i did not think it rude or in poor taste… but after seeing the outrage i guess i did not see it like others did

They needed to fire him and announce it tonight so that his players could be told while they were all together. It was concern for the student-athletes and, to my mind, it was the best way to handle the situation.

Exactly. The way it was done was the correct way to do it. So that he could say goodbye to the players and they could say their goodbyes to him. If they would have waited until tomorrow a lot of the players would have already gone home visiting their families.

I have no problem with the way the UofA handled his firing, Bielema took the job and couldn’t get it done.

Keep dancing