While on the plains

Moo U has found its footing. It now trails 23-28.

Moo U just blocked an Aubie FG. They are driving at the Aubie 25 start of 4Q.

Auburn is using three down line. MsU is wearing them down. Will auburn blitz or use four main line? Same situation as Hawgs last week.

After trailing 3-28, Moo U now leads 29-28 (failed 2 point conversion).

Moo U 36 Auburn 28 with 9 minutes remaining in game.

Finally a bad call that counts on AUBURN. While Rogers III is Dropping Dimes!


Yep….it was targeting and I love seeing Auburn fans booing refs.

Moo U 43 Auburn 28 with 5;31 remaining.

And the State players are taunting the crowd. Big surprise.

If there is a fanbase that needs to suck it up and take it from the refs, it’s Auburn. They’ve been bailed out more times than I could count.


I didn’t think that was targeting. But that’s karma.

That 25 point comeback win for Moo U is the largest in school history.

Makes our win last week look a little more impressive… held them better than Auburn.

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We play in a rough neighborhood. A neighborhood that makes it real tough to put up a gaudy record and stay ranked. Is there a team in the division that wouldn’t seriously contend for the Big 12 championship?


Toughest conference, toughest division. I agree.

Welcome to the SEC Harsin.


Harsin may need to read his contract! He may not last long on the plains! The Auburn folks fire em quick!

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Harsin has an agent to read his contract. A defensive coordinator would help.

I thought Mason was a good hire. But after the 2nd half fiasco, not so sure.

Two weeks of rest and healing made the difference last Saturday and today, we’re pretty good when were healthy. WPS

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