While I never get excited about anything intrasquad

I will take the news of improved pass protection as a positive. Give that man time to set his feet and throw, and this Offense will be hard to stop. As I recall, the defense dominated the early scrimmages last year. Unfortunately, that just meant that our O-line was really bad. Not that our D was good.

Yes, you never know really if you are good because of the good protection or if it’s because the defense still isn’t getting pressure. My concern is the statement in the live coverage that said the first-team offensive line was protecting better than they were run blocking. I know they’ve got to protect the QB, but this offense could not score inside the 5 because they couldn’t block the run. Not trying to make a mountain out of one statement, but if this line cannot be strong run blockers, it may be a long, long year.

Agreed. We’ve got to be able to play smash mouth football in those short yardage situations. However, if they do give AA time to set and throw, and if Chase Hayden can break a few long ones, there will be fewer of those situations. I hope I never see anything like last year’s A$M game again.

Agreed. That was brutal.

i agree about smash mouth football but IMO we are so predictable about where we are running! its always up the A gaps and to me that is very tough to do because defense can outnumber you,I have always thought the best place to run is off tackle because it gives the RB a chance to bounce it out…to let the defense know exactly where you are going to run is very unfair to the OL and is a recipe for disaaster IMO

Youdaman, I thought they didn’t run enough in the A gap. I thought it was too much over the tackles. I thought they should have been following Ragnow. I think they can run it better this year. The run blocking will improve over the next two weeks. That will be the focus. I think it’s much more difficult to get the pass protection down. This is going to be a good offensive line.

Liked the pass protection, but was that becasue the defense is still poor? That is the problem with scrimages. When something “good” happens, it is because something bad happened.

Seemed like there were too many dropped passes. Special teams were not up to standard. (Standard: Kickoffs deep into endzone with no returns past 28. Field goals automatic from 30 yd line on in. No dropped snaps, or kicks. No fumbles returning. Those things win or lose games.). Better get that cleaned up.

We are about 3 weeks from our first game. This is very early in camp. i look for positives this early in camp, but then look for negatives later in camp. I like what I am hearing but I’m not going to get too worried for a few more weeks. The next weeks there are no classes so camp will escalate a LOT during this time. The next 2 weeks are critical.

Clay maybe it just seems like we run the A gap all the time but my point is if they double fire with LBs in the A gaps and cover up your OG’s you are outnumbered 4 to 3 much harder to do that off tackle without getting their OLB involved with would hurt them if we ran a sweep…I hope we can get to where we are unpredictable in short yardage plays.I love smash mouth but sometimes a hot pass to a TE can go the distance.make the defense have to think a little before they put 9-10 in the box will greatly increase our short run game… I too think we will be much better this yr because they have had longer to work together…can’t wait for Aug 31

They DID run sweeps later in the year to combat what you said. I thought the off tackle and outside plays were good because of the inside blitzes. Clearly, they were inexperienced at guard last season. It went about the way it does most of the time with inexperienced guards. Experience trumps ability in the offensive line, but I think there is ability and experience to start this season.

yeah no doubt it does take time to jell for an OL,I still hope we can mix up our play calling to keep the defense guessing.

Dan Enos is about as good at that as anyone I’ve seen. He’s a very good play caller.

well Clay you know I respect your eyes,you and I have talked many times about the OL in yrs past and If you say we are going to be good then I beleive it.just hope we can stay healthy…I like Enos as well…hope we get off to a great start against Famu and get some confidence heading into TCU game which I believe is Huge!!!