While I have great respect for Ty Storey

I do not see this being a story book season for us with him as the starting QB. I know he’s a great kid. I know he’s smart and is like a coach on the field. I know he works his butt off and his teammates and coaches respect him. I know he knows where to put the ball. I just don’t think he has the arm and the delivery to put it there on time. I keep waiting for Cole Kelly to step up and claim the job. It doesn’t seem to be happening. Are my worries misplaced?

We should know more after the next scrimmage. Coach is going to have to decide on one of them soon. Hoping they aren’t forced to pick a freshman. Good chance CM could play two QB’s this season.

Regardless of who starts, I think both are going to have a role in the first game. I don’t think the QB competition is going to end when a Game 1 starter is announced.

They will definitely have more of an idea after Saturday. The next scrimmage, Morris said, will feature much more of the passing game whereas the first was more run-oriented.

My thought about midway through last week was that Cole Kelley is going to be the guy. Talked to several other media members today who thought the opposite because Storey is running with 1s quite a bit and he may be more apt to sustaining the tempo they want. In my eyes anyway, Cole is more game ready and would be my choice as starter at least early on. We obviously don’t get to see everything they do, so we’ll see. Morris said today the coaches talk about quarterback direction every single day.

I am not sure who is going to be the starting quarterback in the first game. But I would expect two to play. I don’t think a two QB system is ideal. But it might be what they do for a game or two.

I don’t think QB is the major issue right now. Trying to get a good top five in the OL is the issue. They have six QBs and, on some days, just 8 or 9 offensive linemen. Anyone who can do math knows those numbers are off. (Thursday there were 11, 10 in white jerseys and 1 in green for the OL. Six for the Qbs.)

I asked Chad Morris how many scholarships should be given to the OL. He said at least 15. And, if you are going to over sign somewhere it’s the DL where sometimes you can take a player with athletic ability and size and convert them to the O-line.

You put 5 OL on the field in a game. 1 QB. So the numbers are off now.

Having said all of that, the key to playing QB in this offense is accuracy and not arm strength. Knowing the offense and the system and figuring out the so called “answers” that are there for any given defensive strategy and the ability to do it in a hurry is what will determine who plays QB.

This is not a pro scheme. It’s not a system where having a cannon is the ultimate weapon. Can Cole Kelley be all of that? Yes, but I haven’t seen anything that suggests Cole has passed Ty Storey. And, it may have to do with things we can’t see, like understanding of the offense and the ability to get the play run and then the ball put in the right persons hands.

As I have noted before, I think there is more risk-reward with Cole and a disciplined game manager with Ty.

The coaches are making a decision on what this team needs best.

I also am predicting that if neither Cole or Ty of takes full control of the offense in the first six games that Connor Noland will start game 7 against Ole Miss in Little Rock.

Pretty scary for either one to be behind an OL with this much inexperience.
I don’t know if either one will be great but IMO if Storey is the starter its probably b/c he has less of a gunslinger personality and will protect the ball better.Kelley can make some good throws but can also miss some very easy ones and his desire to hit the HR can backfire on him with errant throws and INT’s.We need to find a guy who can simply move the chains and hit the HR when its available.

I have been on Noland all along and think he will play sooner than Later…just my gut feeling about him that he’s the best of both worlds but Time will tell.

I refuse to be overly negative about this. Events may prove me wrong, but I don’t think the need for outstanding QB play is as great in Hammer Down as in BB’s system, because HD is pretty QB-friendly. Presnap read, make your decision, boom.

As long as Ty or Cole or whoever protects the ball, makes the right decisions on the RPO and doesn’t screw up too badly (which goes back to protecting the ball), I think we’ll be OK at QB. I have confidence that we’ll be able to run the ball well with the backs we have, which will minimize the load on the passing game.

I think there’s a good chance you’re right, but I would have mixed emotions if it happened then. That could mean we would be sitting at 2-4 at that point, leaving a real struggle to then get bowl eligible. If it looks to the coaches that Connor is going to be the eventual best bet to lead the team this season, I’d love to see the move in the 3rd game. Maybe even give him the last half of the CO ST game, if Cole/Ty are struggling in the first half. Let him cut his teeth as a starter on N TX, then learn the speed of the SEC against Auburn, which is almost certain to be a loss regardless of who’s quarterbacking. He would probably be our best bet for a win in Dallas. Just IMHO.

I would think with the OL woes, that the best thing for the team would be to have the one who protects the ball and is a good game manager. If Noland is the best before the year is up, it still might be best not to lose a redshirt year playing behind an offensive line that may get him beat up. If he’s going to be the difference between reaching a bowl game or not, then play him, but if he’s the difference between 4-8 and 5-7, I’d rather him redshirt. Either way, he should get into at least four games this year.

Or it might be best to put the weight back on Cole and let him take the punishment while saving our daintier QB’s until we have a line to protect them. :wink: And where O where is Jalen Merrick?

Why not just beef him back up and put him on the line? :wink:

:lol: :lol: Nominated post of the day.

I think ark will be 2-4 before the real qb is chosen.Ark has no offensive line or defense.I think our coach will have a decent team in 2-3 years.

I agree. Storey doesn’t have the arm talent, on top of a throwing motion that is less than ideal.

Cole will probably end up playing the majority, but I don’t think he fits the system all that well.

I’d like for Hyatt to hit a new gear and show out.
In any way though I don’t think any of those guys start next year, I’m calling a true freshman starting next year.

Ty is the guy!

I just know last year our OC/QB coach who was hired by Michigan and then Saban, so he’s well respected, when Austin got hurt, he picked the freshman Cole over the sophomore Ty. Cole played all four games, and I don’t recall Ty playing a down.

I don’t understand how Ty has passed him.

Holding my tongue until John Stephen Jones is the starter. Then I’ll say “I told you so.”

Well, the only true freshman they will have next season is likely to be KJ Jefferson.

While I like the kid, it doesn’t change my opinion that there are only a few high school quarterbacks in America - especially those who are not early enrollees - that are able to step in and be successful in the SEC.

I also continue to be amazed that Daulton Hyatt is held up as someone who is this great RPO quarterback because of that run against the third defense in the Red-White game.

I wish the kid well, but he is not the second coming of Michael Vick and has done nothing last spring or this preseason to move one of the top two out.

I don’t know that he has passed him. Might have gotten even with him and may start, but I think that has as much to due with his discipline off the field as on.