While I can’t defend the decision tonight

The 4th down call was bad given how well we’d been running the ball & how badly we needed to keep it at the time.

However, I don’t believe for one minute that had we gone for it & failed to make it for any reason (bobbled snap, stumble, missed block, or whatever else) many of the very same people bashing him for punting would be bashing him for going for it. Even though I thought it was a mistake, I thought when the punt pinned them inside their 5, that we’d likely get the ball right back. I didn’t expect a 96 yard TD drive. Once that happened, I knew the game was over. From that point forward they outplayed us on both sides of the ball.

I don’t know if the altitude finally got to us or not, but I know we sucked in the 4th qtr & had dominated them in the first 3 quarters. It hurt that we failed to get more points when we got into the red zone.

Regardless, it’s silly to talk about firing the coach after this loss, no matter how painful & frustrating it was. Frank Broyles did well despite the awful “pooch kick” decision. We knew going into this season, we’d be in for a long grind. Perhaps its going to be even worse than we thought. Well, it probably is going to be worse than we thought. CSU isn’t a good team. However, no good comes from talking about changing coaches two games into a new regime. That kind of thing causes as much damage to the program as a loss, no matter how disappointing. Our only way out of this abyss is to recruit our way out. Telling recruits we’re already want change won’t help. And changing coaches every time we get mad isn’t a way to success, either. If, & it’s a BIG IF, we screwed up by hiring CCM, we’ll eventually know it, but despite what some posters say, we don’t know that now. And every new hire is a crap shoot.

You don’t fire a coach after two games because he inherited a Conference USA roster. I apologize to Vandy for referring to Arkansas as the “ Vandy of the West.”

Did Morris make some bad decisions last night and leading up to last night? Yep and he’ll make more but he’s been dealt a very bad hand. This is essentially the same roster that went 4-8 and needed a miracle to beat the worst team in the Sunbelt last season. Worst overall talent I can ever remember at Arkansas.

Was Morris my first choice ? No, but I’ll support him and give him a fair chance just as I did Bielema.

I will support this staff for the reasons you make. I liked the hire of CCM and still do.

Nice post … I completely agree. I think the 4th down call was terrible and the coaching staff didn’t have a feel for their ball club and what they needed nor paid attention to how well we had run the ball . I maintain that the coaching decisions made starting the 4th quarter til the end cost the Hogs the game. However to suggest they should be fired is plain stupid.

It was an absolutely horrendous call because it went against everything he’s been preaching! Hammer Down!!full tilt Boogie!! Nah we can’t get 6in behind this OL
who’s been dominating a pathetic defense all night I think I’ll just punt!! Great vote of confidence you showed for your team coach. I’m sure they will believe you from here on out.

Regardless of what he inherited we were up 27-9 and gave up 25 unanswered to CSU. I’m not upset about struggling and looking like dog doo against the SEC. I’m upset because as terrible as we are we were more than capable of winning last night’s game but for the coaches. I had us 4-8 and accept the rebuilding. But I can’t look past the faults I saw in our coach last night.

I love the hire still. One bad game with bad decisions, especially his second game, isnt going to deter me. We haven’t even reached the true potential of Chads offense. Hasn’t he said he only has like 30% installed. Plus our recruiting class is look great(except oline to this point). To me this year doesn’t matter. I’m not even calling this his real 1st year. I think his real 1st year starts next year.

Nor should you look past them and kudos for having them at 4-8. I said 5-7 or hopefully 6-6 and that was overly optimistic.

Truthfully, glad to see fans questioning this staff and program. That’s a very good thing… we’ve been subjected to so much BS, rainbows, and unicorns from the administration and media over the years and too many fans swallowed it and lashed out at anyone that asked really hard questions. Darksiders!

We need more hard questions asked by media members, fans, donors, etc. We should expect success and when it doesn’t happen we should demand improvement.

If we swallow the BS they’ll gladly keep feeding it to us and cashing checks.

You are a late convert to the asking hard questions crowd but, harsh words in the past aside, I’m glad to have you!

Yes, we should expect some rebuilding struggles for sure. However, losing to CSU like we did should be examined and not excused away. Hard questions should be asked. People should not be mean or petty about it but jobs at all levels in the Athletic Department should be looked at if results do not come. We need a tougher culture ( Frank wasn’t easy). Our football (and basketball) product is not good and it better change for the better…sooner rather than later. Nuff said.

I think everyone knows that the fourth-and-1 call is one that you would like to have over. I was interested that I didn’t hear anyone question it much in the press box until after CSU drove 96 yards to score the touchdown. At that point, it was clear that momentum had switched.

It’s fair and right to question that decision when the game turned and was lost.

Myself, I was thinking when it was marked short, I’d have lined up quick and handed it to the back in the game.

The turning point was not getting points after the punt return. That’s when they didn’t get it done on offense. But you can see pretty easy in hindsight that the fourth-and-1 (maybe inches) was something they probably could have made.

Yep. The Hogs probably could have picked up the first down, but if they failed it would have been a worse decision. Pinning the Rams at their own 4 yard line down by 18 looked pretty good. The failure to stop them cost the game.

I also still think the ref marked the ball wrong on the one play late even though they ruled it as a call that stood.

I don’t know about the press, but the TV announcers were all over it before the actual running of the play. And, pointed out that he certainly will hand the ball to Whaley for a yard when they had averaged about 6 yards a run to that point.

He not only marked it about 1 1/2 yards short, but the “pros” in the replay booth confirmed his spot.

We got a Horrendous spot on that play but still to punt with 6 in to go with an OL that had been dominating and Whaley running as hard as he was is inexcuseable.plain and simple.end of story. That goes against everything you’ve been trying to preach… where’s the hammer down!! Full Tilt Boogie???

I wrongly assumed all of our problems were due to the poor coaching staff in the past, but now see that our talent at the majority of offense/defense and special teams is average at best! The one thing that really stood out after hearing all the talk since the new staff arrived is, we can’t get lined up and call a play without a penalty of a time out!
Last but not least, the choice to punt on 4th and inches makes it obvious at this point COM doesn’t trust his offense or defense to make a play when it is needed!

The announcers criticized it a lot. In fact, I think that’s one reason many of us think it was such a bad call. They’re experts & they influence our thinking. However, the coaches on the field are experts, too, and often they know things the TV commentators don’t know. Now on the 4th down call, I think they were right & our coaches were wrong. However, I’m afraid it’s become too “in vogue” for TV announcers to second guess coaches.

I’m also afraid that a whole lot of critics don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time. (That’s true in any subject, but it seems to be most common among sports fans.). However, in my opinionthey like to be critical & negative, not because they really know, but because they think it makes them look smarter & knowledgeable. I’m the first to admit most people, including most people on this board, know more about the technical aspects of football than I do. However, I doubt they know as much as the coaches. So, more often than not, I’ll pick the coaches’ decision over that of an “expert” in the stands. Regardless, I still think the 4th down call was a bad decision—but not one that would have mattered had the offense scored when it needed to or had it done better in the 4th qtr. It wouldn’t have mattered if the D had stopped them in any of those late game drives. I don’t know what changed.

The coach at Pulaski Academy would have gone for it. :lol: :roll: :slight_smile:


The turning point was the spot by the sideline judge & not being corrected by replay. At worst, it should have been "inches’, as in 6-8, maybe. Instead, it was at least 36 “inches”…a yard. At the time, I was ok with the decision, based on the spot…refs may have screwed us again on the next spot, if it was close. And, I’m ok with CCM’s logic for punting. We just had too many other opportunities to score more & take the referees calls out of the equation. That’s my biggest disappointment. But, I still LOVE the hire!