Which would U rather watch?

It’s a beautiful but brutal game isn’t it Clay? Those one on one battles are intense and extremely physical. Emma played with and against a lot of girls who went on to play D-1 and D-2 soccer. One of them, Kirsten Davis is playing for Racing Louisville of the WPSL today. Most of those girls only played a year or two in college before giving it up though. Their bodies were beat up and they were burned out. Your Sarah must have been a tough one. I bet there are mornings when she feels the lasting effects of some of those battles.

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Her knees are sound. Amazing. Her last college game was rough. It was mainly parents at a 2 pm DII game on Thursday. I did light research but think she and our goalie were only two out of 22 on field without some sort of knee surgery, most being ACL surgeries.

Funny story, she is an assistant principal at Grimes Elementary in Rogers. Couple of weeks ago there was a soccer dispute at recess that she helped settle. The ones who lost their protest on a rule said, “Miss Henry, we don’t believe you know the rules or have seen a game.” Eventually the PE teacher (also the high school boys coach) arrived to explain to a bunch of fifth graders that Sarah holds most of the records at Rogers High including most hat tricks. No more protests.


When you are a young sports reporter you cover everything. I’ve covered senior golf scrambles, rodeo, powerlifting, junior high jamborees and high school everything. My wife coached high school swim/dive teams for four years. All of those experiences have given me an appreciation for all of it. I found myself watching high school volleyball state championships on AETN yesterday. I enjoy watching college soccer.

Go to a game, get to know the athletes and the coaches, and chances are you’ll have an appreciation for something you didn’t previously.


Matt is correct. Among the things I’ve covered: high school rodeo, dirt track auto racing, drag racing, college wrestling and bowling. I once agreed to be a part of the pit crew for Funny Car driver John “Brute” Force. I wrote a notepad about the experience as part of my coverage of the Spring Nationals for the paper.

My job was to hand out his autographed photos and to steer the towed car back to the pit area after the race. As a thank you I got a case of Jolly Ranchers every month for a year. That was one of Force’s many sponsors.


Dirt track racing at the I30 speedway is about as fun as it gets.

I’m with you Harley. Won’t go into detail.

So are you still passing out jolly ranchers on Halloween


I love jolly ranchers. I like the green ones.

But I much prefer Little Debbies oatmeal creme pies.


There you go Clay…. :joy: :joy:

I 2nd this motion!

I like jolly ranchers, but love those LD’s oatmeal creme pies…

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