Which would U rather watch?

SEC soccer or SEC volleyball? For me, it’s not even close. While I certainly respect the athleticism and skills of collge volleyball players, I much prefer the futbol. Looking forward to seeing as much of this SEC soccer tourney from Pensacola, as possible.

I prefer volleyball…more action. But I will get behind any sport with Hogs on their jerseys.


A tv with a blank screen, as opposed to soccer or volleyball.


Definitely more scoring! Action is compacted into a smaller space. I don’t think soccer can be truly appreciated on TV. Camera follows the ball and there is much that goes on that doesn’t appear on your screen. You also don’t get the full impact of just how mean, tough, nasty and physical that women and girls can be! A much better sport to watch live, than on TV.


I’m with you Fred. I’ve tried both but fall asleep. Kinda like with the NFL.

I figure a good way to increase scoring in soccer is to incorporate a second ball. Boy, think of the action – on both ends sometimes – if two balls were in play at the same time. I’d watch that, maybe for 15 minutes.

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It would be a better game if they eliminated the goalies. As it is, I can’t watch.

It’s probably fun to play. I never had the opportunity.

Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world.
Thankfully, therefore, they don’t need me to watch it.

I’ll watch anything if the Hogs are in it. Don’t care about either if the Hogs aren’t involved.


I will take your word for it. Soccer bores me to tears, but, like I said, I will support any sport with a Hog on the jersey.

If you expanded your women’s sports further, I would rather watch hoops, gymnastics, track and golf (in that order) more than I would volleyball.

I’m really hoping that our hoops and gymnastics programs can get to the elite level Hale has elevated our soccer team to.


I’ve been known to watch some beach volleyball in the Olympics. Well, half of the matches, anyway. :wink:


It took me a long time to fall in love with soccer. Watching a daughter play did it. I have no idea how many games I saw her play. Hundreds probably.




I can totally relate to that. My daughter played softball from ages 7-12 and I never missed a game. In fact I coached her team one summer when her regular coach was having a rough pregnancy. Believe me, it’s much more fun to watch your kid play than to coach her team. From age 13-18, she played tennis. I’ve watched a lot of Razorback softball games in these last 3 or 4 seasons.

If she had chosen to play soccer, I’m sure I would have been a soccer fan now and understand much more about the game.

She was a good basketball player although not a college prospect. I much preferred watching her play hoops because I understood it. She quit hoops halfway through sophomore year when she was having to miss soccer practices because of hoops practices. The soccer coach actually scheduled some night practices in the football indoor facility to make it easier for her but that was not fair to the rest of the team and it was not smart to have her do two practices back to back. I will say it made her stronger and faster, especially after she quit hoops.

I watch both; watched the Hogs rally to force a fifth set at Florida today before losing. Volleyball is kinda like baseball: Bursts of activity with lulls. The ball is actually in play and moving much more in a 90-minute soccer match than in five sets of volleyball. And I still don’t understand the rules of volleyball like the 10-foot line and the existence of a libero. All I know about a libero is she wears a different color shirt.


I think certain sports are hard to watch on television, but incredibly entertaining in person. Soccer and hockey are two that I believe fall into that category. You get lulled into always watching where the ball or puck is with television. Watching live, you can see a player survey the entire pitch or ice and come to understand why they’re doing something. Constant motion is part of why I love it.

Football games are 60 minutes long, with maybe 10 minutes of actual action. Basketball games offer more movement, but also still a lot of one-on-one play. Soccer is 90 minutes of fun.

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Yes. It’s interesting to me to see football people (and I am a football person) mock soccer for being “boring” when there are, even in the HUNH era, so few plays.

I also think it’s odd to see basketball people (and I am a basketball person) mock soccer as boring when it has so many characteristics that are also important in basketball (spacing, cutting, passing, fast-breaking (counter-attack) finishing on the weak side (back post) strong central defending, pressing (high press) etc.

Usually, if they give it a chance—really give it chance—most of those people who think soccer boring come around and at least admit there is a lot more going on than they originally thought.

I have fallen in love with soccer watching my daughter play. She’s 10 years old and plays travel soccer, is good and plays my favorite position-a # 10.

I can’t say much. I know golf is remarkably addictive for some, but I can’t really physically play it other than chipping and putting, and I find it boring (except for Ryder Cup), even though I know it’s very complicated. To each their own.


Good to see you posting again Notorious. I did not grow up in a town where soccer was played. I liked all sports however, so I kept an open mind about it. When I moved to Jacksonville Fl in 1981, I would watch the Jacksonville Teamen of the old NASL play in the Gator Bowl. Though I had just a rudimentary understanding of the game, I really enjoyed seeing these amazingly skilled athletes doing their thing. I started watching World Cup in the 80’s, and gradually began gaining a better understanding of the game. All of my kids played. My daughter played high level club soccer in St. Louis, and could have played in college if she wanted to. Enjoy these years watching your girl. They go by all too fast.

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Sarah has explained the game within the game. As a right back in a flat back four she explained her job. Once I understood that, I began to see things before they happened.

If the ball was on other sideline, she dropped in as a sweeper. If the center back was in trouble she might have to take her mark. And there were times she had to leave her mark and make a foul before it became a breakaway.

She took all restarts except PKs in college. Her senior year she had like 15 assists. She would have tied school record except ORU scorekeeper gave an unassisted goal on what he thought was a breakaway. Except Sarah played the through ball from the back. Oh well.

Her coach (a crusty old Scott) did not like through balls. Preferred playing to feet. But he blew her a kiss (his ultimate compliment) on that one.

Sarah said she kept track of one-on-one battles during a game. Felt she should win 8 of 10. She did not have to hear the coach tell her if she did ok or not. She said she knew he would chart them off of tape and wanted to know it before he told her the next day.

Soccer is a great game. Scoring is important but there is more to it after you learn.

It is like other games like basketball, you make your opponent play with their weak foot and if they can’t, you got em. Sarah was right side dominant but had a great left foot because a coach when she was 8 made her team play every other practice with their weak foot. Those were ugly practices but produced great players if the girl was athletic and figured it out. Sarah did.