Which team was called Richardson's runts?

The 1992-93 team or the 2000 team? I was thinking 2000.

I’m pretty sure it was 93. 2000 was Joe and the average Joes.

The '93 team was one of my favorites. '92 ended a little (or more than a little) disappointing. We lost a lot of players. I wasn’t expecting much from the '93 team. But they started off winning, upset some teams (Arizona on the road if I remember.) Made the NCAA’s and got to the Sweet 16. It was a fun year.

I think Dwight Stewart was our tallest at 6’ 9".

That team was much stronger in the paint with Corliss, but Muss’s munchkins are a better rebounding team.

It was. We made a run to the Sweet 16 where we lost to eventual champion and #1 all season UNC, after putting a big scare into them. And then the next year, we on-boarded freshmen Lee Wilson and Darnetll Robinson, and were runts no more!

It was that team. I was able to confirm.

For some reason I was thinking 2000.

Me too. I just have hard time understanding how the words runt and Corliss could ever be put together. If there was ever a perfect antithesis to the word runt, it would be “The Big Nasty”! Bad nickname for that team.

Don’t forget, Corliss didn’t play the first half (well, may not have been half, but it was a while) of that season.

Corliss played 18 of our 31 games that year. For some reason I’m thinking he was injured against Tulsa in late December, which was the 7th game of the year (this year we’ll have played 7 before December 1).

Corliss broke a bone in his foot against #8 Memphis (Penny and David Vaughan) in Barnhill early in the season… we won the game. Great win.

Yep we won that game, after being down 20 pts down in the first half if I remember right.

do call our team this year muss’s midgets?