Which Seniors Return?

With early signing starting on Wednesday and another year available for Seniors. Which Seniors come back? Seems to me that unless you were guaranteed to be drafted it would be advantageous to come back. Even if NFL was not in your future, and additional year of paid school is quite a bonus.

Is there much thought that the staff may have a good feel on the returnees to optimize the use of the remaining scholarships? I know there are some seeking NFL evaluations, but one would think Sam, Barry and others really can tell these guys what is likely.

Doesn’t look like Hayden Henry will return

List of options:

That’s pretty much the list of those that played and could help. I think Gerald and Cunningham would benefit the most by coming back. I think Franks and Marshall are the most doubtful. We need Marshall, Gerald, Cunningham and Morgan the most.

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Would love for warren to come back, and he said he would if he could.

The one that I’d push the hardest to get for another year – and who I think could benefit – would be left tackle Myron Cunningham. I think Mel Kiper had him as the No. 7 left tackle on his board at one point in the last few weeks. I think he could do better than that with another year.

I would highly doubt that Jonathan Marshall could go up any higher than third or fourth round. He’s going to make his money and probably should go now.

There are others like Clary and Morgan that would help this team.

But Cunningham is a budding left tackle with more in the tank.

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