Which seating section is best for daughter’s first game?

We live out of state and don’t make it back often, and want to take twelve year old daughter to first Razorback game on Dec 27th while back in Arkansas.

Seems a good amount avail on stub hub but I’m not as familiar with the sections in relation to benches and band and all.

Thanks for any thoughts

Band is in the corner, sections 130-132.

Our bench is in front of section 119.

There’s not a bad seat in the place, honestly. Last year I took my then-girlfriend and her kids to the Florida game, the first BWA game for everyone but me. We sat in the upper deck. At the end we went down to the floor and her 8-year-old daughter got to meet a Hog cheerleader which she still talks about.

My favorite seats in the building are sections, 101, 136 and 135, toward the back. There should be a lot of empty seats for that game, so you can roam around and find a better seat even if it isn’t the one you paid for.

Thank you

Thank you