Which performance was better

Tyler Wilson’s play against aTm in 2011 or Brandon Allen’s against Ole Miss in 2015? I just ask the question to create a little off season discussion. Not trying to start an argument on which one was the better QB. Here is my answer…I like Brandon Allen’s because it was on the road in a pretty hostile environment against a team that was playing for their first SEC West title. Ole Miss had a really good team with a good QB and defense. Just my thoughts.

I would probably go with Brandon’s because of the reasons you point out. I know at halftime of the A&M game, no one would’ve thought Arkansas would come back and 25 points to 3 for A&M.

I’d probably go with Brandon, too.

I wrote something after the Ole Miss game in 2015 that essentially said Allen played the perfect game. Tyler had a great second half against Texas A&M, but Brandon made every play you could have asked for in Oxford that night.

Something interesting to look at is the QB rating in both games. Wilson’s was 73.9; Allen’s was 93.9.

Seems like I remember a post with you declaring this the best Ark QB performance ever, or best against the rebelbears, or something best. While I thought your namesake’s (nameshare’s? namefollower’s?) 7OT game performance was better.

Brandon was better for all of the previous stated reasons. One point to add is that Tyler and Brandon are part of a unique period of QB play at Arkansas. Ryan Mallett, Tyler Wilson, Brandon Allen, and Austin Allen have been 4 great QB’s in a row that I can’t remember us having during our days in the SEC. Stellar talent among all 4 QB’s.