Which one of these two is right?

Beal in my opinion. He’s just being honest.

Yep, give that one to the former Gator.

I have a relative who was on the hoops staff for an ACC school. They said Duke is as dirty as can be. Says fellow ACC coaches gave up on them being disciplined by NCAA because they know that the NCAA has a lot invested in them being the “clean face of the NCAA”.

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Can’t trust any man still dying his hair pushing 70… and others around him saying he doesn’t dye it.

No one mentioned in this thread is clean.

I am 76 years old and I do not dye my hair and I have brown hair that most people say makes me look in 50’s

so just because one is old does not mean they are dyeing their hair

Only schools mentioned in this thread are Duke and Florida. Can’t say your statement surprises me.

And the list is much longer…

Without question

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