Which LB did Harris play?

I assumed Brooks played MLB, but it looked like Harris was in the middle pretty often. Also Harris appeared to play Fitzgerald when he was in the middle. Wonder if he was a spy?

Does this last game mean he has passed Eugene on the depth chart?

And where does this leave Ramsey, who I thought played pretty well earlier?

Depth chart today shows Ramsey #1 at Sam, Ellis at Mike and Eugene or Harris at Will.

Only real change in the depth chart I see is that Sosa and Bijhon are listed either/or at tackle.

He appeared to play middle, and they moved Ellis to Will.

I’m not sure if that was due to Ellis mis-reading things so poorly on the long TD by their QB, or just how they thought they could get their best 2 on the field. but Harris seemed to stay in the middle better than Ellis, I liked him there.


Harris at MLB, Eugene at WIll and Ramsey at SAM will probably be our starters going into spring minus Greenlaw. I would imagine they are trying to get Harris some snaps at his natural position Mike.