Which hurt Tucky fans ego the most, us winning -------------

--------------------- or us NOT storming the court after they vacated their bench expecting a mad rush of fans celebrating the win? I am betting the latter. Go Hogs.


How arrogant of “that guy” to think so little of our fans - that we would rush the court after beating a # 6 rank Kentucky team. We expected to beat them!!! Besides he must have forgotten we’ve already beaten the # 1 rank team this year.


The coach that does the least with the most talent in the country! Last season should have given the entire country an eye opening snap shot of who Greaseball is! He loads up and comes back this season and it’s no different.
Arrogant self serving jerk that fails to ever give any respect to the opponent.
He sure can’t coach worth a flip. Maybe he should have got tossed yesterday

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And KY Jelly pays him 8 million a year to do it. Very funny.

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Sort of crazy to pay a coach that much money for the results that he has got out of the talent.

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Exactly! We don’t waste our time rushing the court with wannabe #1s. Now go on back in the mirror and admire yourself some more big boy!


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