Which freshman?

Won’t pitch like a freshman in the biggest game of year for both teams tomorrow? Or will both let the nerves get to them? Or both step up and won’t give in?

I expect one team to get an early lead tomorrow. Then it’s up to bullpen. Who has the better bull pen. I would have said us until that display today.

Hope it’s our freshman that has a good day. They have a veteran lineup with the bats. Whoever wins will earn it.

Arkansas didn’t throw its best bullpen arms today.

They are all ready for Monday as is Ole Miss’.

I’ve got a bad feeling about tomorrow. I hope it’s the potatoe salad, but I think it’s gonna be ugly.

I hope and pray I’m eating crow tomorrow

we will Know right away if Wicklander has it.he will hitting his spots or be all over the place but if he is on he will have a good day. OM hits LH worse than we do just a matter of not BB them and getting pitches up where they can drive them. needs to be able to throw the CB for strikes and work both side of the plate…Thier pitcher is going to try to junk us to death like he did in Hoover threw 75% CB and we were totally out of sync took the good ones and swung at the ones out of the zone.