Which do you prefer?

    1. BBQ beef
    1. BBQ pork

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No even close for me. Beef.

No contest. Pork by a mile

I voted pork, but if given a choice between Wright’s brisket or pork, I’ll take the brisket every single time.

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really depends on where you are–if west of Mississippi River, it’s beef; if east, it’s pork. You can’t find beef bbq (hardly) in Alabama.

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It depends on who cooks it, or where they cook it. I do not like Texas brisket smoked with mesquite. It’s not a good taste. I think Texans think that’s the only way brisket should be cooked. Just because mesquite is what they had in large quantities doesn’t mean you should smoke meat with it. If I get brisket smoked with cherry or apple hardwoods, I like it a lot. But I’d rather have pork smoked with those same hardwoods than eat brisket smoked with mesquite.

I was just curious because we talked about this on the radio. I’m surprised. I thought beef would be the majority but obviously I was wrong.

And in N Cafrolina they have a pork but it is not sweet. I do not like Carolina bbq.

living in Austin my wife and I tried brisket everywhere we went but I always liked pork better on the menu…until we went to Franklin’s for the first time when he was still located in a tiny trailer off the interstate. That was when the light bulb went off and I understood. I still like pork ribs and pulled pork best but a good brisket done right is pretty damn good. A new trailer opened about a mile from my house, Moreno’s BBQ, brisket is very good and they have a “Grilled Cheese Brisket” sandwich that is my new favorite sandwich in Austin. The real winner for me though is their Smoked Pork Belly. They do it exactly like their brisket and it is like eating candy. I just bought a lb last week and have been dicing it up for breakfast tacos in the mornings. Absolutely divine!


I’m not much of a brisket guy but Wright’s brisket is amazing. We were in NWA about a month ago and made a special trip to Johnson to have some Wrights. They were closed. Sigh…

No contest for me…beef ALL the way.

TBH, I’m not really too much of a fan of pork BBQ at all. I like ribs, but not pulled pork.

Give me some moist BBQ beef brisket and I’m in heaven.

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It’s really not a fair question. Brisket is awfully difficult to do right and when it is done right, it’s hard to beat. So many options with pork to do on your own and have fun with. I do my own bbq more than someone else’s. So that’s a big factor in my decision, which is why I choose pork. In reality, I might choose chicken 2nd if I’m doing it. Sliced brisket is the only bbq beef I care for. I don’t cook it, not really sure why. And, I’ve eaten more bad brisket than I’ve eaten bad pork, but as stated, if done right, it’s the best.

The key is that brisket has almost no fat. It’s lean. We have had Wright’s do family Christmas twice with two of their briskets. It was way too much. Delightfully, I took one of the sealed pouches home and eat from it for the next week. One thing to remember, he does NOT use mesquite for his brisket. My point is that mesquite is among the worst woods you can use to smoke meat, but Texans think if it’s not done with mesquite, it’s not barbecue. They would do it differently if they had access to real trees! What I love the most at Wright’s is their burnt ends sandwich. I’d walk a few miles on a hot day to get that sandwich.

LD—closed for Covid, or closed that day of the week?

For me, if you can find it, it’s pulled pork. I remember years ago there was a chain in Florida called Fat Boys that had the best pulled and chopped pork I’ve ever tasted. Hard to beat…

Fred…it looked like they closed for a week of vacation. It was the week of Labor Day.

That’s because you’re man’s man.

Actually Clay, most of the higher end briskets In Texas are smoked with post oak. Some with hickory or pecan. Aaron Franklin uses post oak. Franklins and Terry Black’s in Austin are great. Pecan Lodge, Cattleack, and a few others in Dallas are great too. Louie Mueller in Taylor, TX is amazing. Get the beef rib.

The really good pit masters leave enough fat on both the brisket flat and the point to keep it moist and really flavorful.

Mesquite burns too hot and is not all that good. I agree with you generally. I do like to smoke turkey with mesquite and lots of black pepper. It’s oddly good.

All in all, however, I still love an Arkansas pulled pork sandwich with slaw on it. That is still unbelievable to me.


Texas style brisket or beef ribs are my favorite bbq. Pecan lodge has the best brisket I’ve ever had, but haven’t had franklins yet.

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I want pork ribs or beef brisket.

i love bbq pork…but unfortunately it does not love me…a good beef brisket sliced and chopped up to look like pulled pork is a decent substitute if the right sauce is on it…and i know this wasn’t asked but some good tender bbq chicken can’t be beat either…obviously i never could follow instructions