Which current offensive player will sparkle more next year ecause of the new system?

My money is on Chase Hayden. More space and more one on one situations for him. Am I wrong?


TJ Hammonds

I believe it’s not one player but a few. Chase Hayden, TJ Hammonds, Warren, JRed and even Whaley. There will be some more as well. Not letting a defense rest between plays will help.
It will be a fun spring game

Cole Kelley or Daulton Hyatt. The system is designed to make a QB shine, and with the talent available at the skill positions the winner of the spring battle(and I do think it will be one of those two guys) is going to have a really good year.

Brandon Martin

I think the system will really highlight the speedy, explosive guys like Chase Hayden, T.J. Hammonds, De’Vion Warren and Jarrod Barnes by getting them in space.

You beat me to it Zilla.

This is who I also think will cause some excitement along with Jones, Martin and maybe Gragg. I won’t be surprised by some others doing well, but these I think will shine.

Koilan Jackson.

This is sort of obvious, after what happened this year: the ones who stay healthy. There are nice parts that can be highlighted in this offense. I think there are a bunch. Here’s a sample:

Jarrod Barnes, DeVion Warren, T.J. Hammonds, Jordan Jones, Jared Cornelius, Jonathan Nance, Brandon Martin and Chase Hayden. And, don’t forget about the tight ends, including Grayson Gunter, a redshirt this year after shoulder surgery.

Don’t put them in an order. It may change from game to game to keep anyone from gaining a tendency edge.

Clay, no fair hedging your bet! :smiley: My question was which player, not players. Health is assumed.
The correct answer of course is: …(drumroll)… Chase Hayden. Many teams have really good receivers like ours. Very few have a Chase Hayden. And he will get more touches than most if not all
of the receivers.
I am right, Everyone else is wrong. (Ha!)

To take this in a different direction, Froholdt. That guy excels in the screen game.

Fruhojlt has a bit of an attitude which I love. Put him on D and give him a chance. He is a bull…he just needs to find his place.

Guard is where Froholdte will make his fortune in the NFL. Hope he gets to stay there.

Hammonds and Hayden will thrive for certain and shift into the slot a bunch for matchup nightmares. Brandon Martin may turn into a unique option with size and speed almost like Gragg. I think the TE’s could be used to create a quick release pass game. O’Grady, Patton and Gragg have the athleticism to be split out wide and cause match up nightmares. Patton is a freak athlete.

I say we leave Froholdt alone. I hope CCM will morph his offense to fit our personnel to some degree because our QB position is in a quandary. We have talent but the ones that fit CCM’s offense have not played a snap. The oline needs competition behind Wallace to make him get up or get out. Colton Jackson needs to get a mean streak that will be consistent because of competition behind him too. What are we going to do with all of the TE’s? I see O’Grady, Patton and Gragg thriving in this offense with their athleticism, but Cantrell may need to move to DE and could be a stud. Kraus at 6-5 250 may need to find another position too.