Which bowls should the SEC add?

I think the SEC might need to add to its bowl inventory after the expansion to 16 teams.

Two that are intriguing to me are the Alamo Bowl and Sun Bowl. San Antonio is a great town and the Sun Bowl has a lot of history.

I’ve read that the Sun Bowl is in its final year of contracts with the ACC and Pac-12.

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Put me down for the Alamo Bowl due to sincere selfish reasons. Living in Austin I would probably get a close bowl game at some point.

I have always liked San Antonio (Was at Ft. Sam for awhile and loved it - long, long, long time ago). Seems to be a good Bowl.

The Sun bowl at least use to be very well ran. Don’t know now. Hope it still is. El Paso use to be a neat little city. Don’t know what has happen with all the Border problems. It is also a long way from anywhere. Weather is usually pretty good.

Bahamas Bowl and move it to after Christmas. If you must go to a rinky-dink bowl, that beats Birmingham.


Recommend bowl games at Florida and Texas. Don’t care for the Sun Bowl due to its lackluster location of El Paso. Too far from Arkansas without any major attractions to justify the time and expense of attending.
UA…Campus of Champions

I like the deal we have with Belk and Vegas, rotating between the two. Perhaps we could work out a rotation deal with another two bowls.

I have to wonder where we’d find two bowls worth having, though. Big 12 just got bigger too, so if anything they’ll add one too (Alamo being one of theirs). The only P-5 league that is getting smaller is the P-12. For now. By 2024 or 2025, who knows? And are there any Group of Five bowls worthy of being bumped up to P-5 level?

For reference, here are the bowl lineups:

P-12: Rose, Alamo, Holiday, Vegas, Sun. LA, and one ESPN-owned bowl
Big 12: Alamo, Liberty, Guaranteed Rate, Texas, Cheez-It, Sugar
ACC: Mayo, Gasparilla, Military, Pinstripe, Cheez-It, Sun, Orange, Fenway, Gator, Holiday
B1G: Rose. Guaranteed Rate, Pinstripe, Music City, ReliaQuest, Citrus, Quick Lane, alternate with the SEC on Mayo and Vegas
SEC: Sugar, Liberty, Citrus, ReliaQuest, Texas, Music City, Gator, and the Mayo/Vegas rotation.

ESPN plugs other schools as needed into its lineup of bowls it owns, and several leagues have second tier deals with bowls like Birmingham, Shreveport and Gasparilla.

With an expanded playoff, and likely 3+ SEC teams making it, they may not need to add bowls, especially if the first round is on campuses

Also, if we go to 9 SEC games which seems probable, some 6-6 teams might wind up 5-7 and thus ineligible unless their APR gets them in to a bowl that otherwise doesn’t have an eligible team.

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