Whew PIG Soooieee!

Glad that was over

Not to dispare

Reasonable folks knew this would be a year fo growth on

I saw flashes that are exciting only to be moderated by inexperience

Great thing about this game - team will learn and grow

A win is a win

Keep growing Razorbacks your going to be great soon can’t wait to see you continue to grow

Proud of you Razorbacks - you didn’t fold - but answered when it mattered

Great subject line!


Looking at things this Sunday

Ark won a game and we are fortunate just look at MSU, UK, LSU etc

Ark is part of the SEC we are going to get everyone’s best shot

LATech gave us the best shot they had

I’m greatful for the win

Now TCU?

They don’t appear to have any defense - will be interesting