Whew, Now I can watch the NFR

… without having to check the board every few minutes to see if we hired a coach!

The next ten nights will screw up my sleep pattern, but I love it.

Best 10 nights of the year. Leaving for Vegas tomorrow. Going to see The Man, The King, George Strait Saturday and then watch some great contestants giving it their all in the Thomas and Mac. Just remember, these guys are Pros in the true sense and if they don’t win, well place high, they don’t get paid! That will get the best out of them. Oh yes, and I am certain of this. When the Stars and Stripes enters, everyone and I mean everyone will stand and remove cover over our hearts and show tremendous respect!!!

Amen, Jim.

I’ll look for y’all again this year. I know, you will be the one in the black hat. It’s sort of like finding me at a Hog game, I’m the one in cardinal red. :smiley:

Sorry, what’s BFR?

The NFR contestants are pure athletes (both the cowboys and cowgirls). You don’t place in the top tier and you are paid nothing. The best in the world at what they do. I spent a few years of my life trying to be one of them I understand the commitment and hard work it takes. And the bumps bruises and injuries are bad. Really bad. I’ve seen a world champion bull rider take off his shirt and his chest looked like a map of railroad tracks from where a bull gored him.

Rodeo people have always honored America. Bless them all.

National Finals Rodeo. It’s held in Las Vegas in early December each year. The top 15 contestants in each event make the finals. There is no appearance money and there are no guarantees. Each entrant pays an entry fee. Winning is the only way to earn a living in rodeo.

The reason that it screws up my sleep is that each go-round begins at 9 PM and runs until midnight (CST). It runs for 10 consecutive nights.

I am wearing my cowboy boots today. Lots of good reasons, one of which is that they feel good on my feet.

Marty is pretty much right, especially during the regular season. You pay to play and if you don’t place, you get nothing for your troubles. The NFR is a little different. You do not have to pay to enter. You just have to be one of the 15 best in your event as determinded by money won at a set number of PRCA events. Still, if you finish below 6th each night, you get nothing. Most, but not all of the guys and gals who make it to the NFL have sponsors and some of them pay real good. It is why their shirts look like a sign board beacuse that is what they are. Sort of like a NASCAR. You also see them making appearances at their sponsors boths around town all week.

Nothing is 100%, but these are good folks. You don’t mind rooting for them or seeing them do well. They certainly have earned it. It is a very, very difficult grind from Denver in January to Las Vegas in December.

I’m glad someone asked what NFR is before I did.

Funny Clay because I pulled out my old Justin Ropers today. They are the most comfortable foot wear I own. Plus they are warm in the snowy weather we had here in Chattanooga.