Whew. Gave me a scare

In hindsight we played well throughout the game. Never trailed & led by at least 2 runs throughout. However, those 2 runs in the 9th with no outs sure scared me.

Now we stand a great chance of getting to the finals.

Yes I know we got some help on our first two runs but we gave them 2 . Probably going to have to beat Florida I’m sure they will throw singer which we have dominated but we better beat him because if Kowar throws the way he did yesterday it’ll be hard for anybody to beat him… we’re swinging the bat well I like our chances. Just to have Campbell come out throwing the ball well I guess we could throw knight

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them throw Singer tomorrow. They have to avoid elimination against a good team before they worry about us.

Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw singer tomorrow too. He was just mentioning those other two guys yesterday’s reason I said it