Iverson Molinar just officially entered the portal. Man, no way Muss can pass on this guy even though we need big men. Big-time entry into the portal. Here’s your PG for next season along with Anthony Black (hopefully).

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Whoops, the guy who first tweeted about Molinar made a mistake. Molinar will enter the draft but maintain his collegiate eligibility.

I don’t think Muss can’t take every player out there in the portal. Muss will make the right moves.


Tari Eason of LSU entered the draft and is hiring an agent. Don’t mind not playing him again. But wow, has SAO destroyed that program?

It’s dead for a while IMO. After the sanctions for sure.

McMahon has a steep climb just to get LSU competitive.

I LOVE Molinar

So do I, but he most likely will be in the NBA next season.

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