Whew! Another great win!

What a game! Unbelievable! Incredible!

How about them Hogs!!! Great Win!!!

Dave Van Horn pulled the right strings at least twice: Inserting Gates into the lineup and arguing with the umps about playing the bottom of the eighth.

Amazing game. Gates - wow! So happy for him.

I have been pulling for Gates to get back into the lineup. Happy for him. Koch seems to be climbing out of his slump. Can we string together one more? I think Mo. St. is in about the same pitching situation as we are. Think they really wanted to close this game out tonight and not let it go to game 7. Their All-American has now thrown 3 straight nights. Doubt he can pitch again tmrw. Both teams can score a lot of runs. I truly hope we can score one more than them. I’m starting to really dislike Mo. State. Arrogant players, coaches. Nice rivalry brewing.

I’m with you Hogman, we just gave them a taste of their own medicine and it was great to see that pitcher choke with some wild pitches and then bam the homer run shot.

It was amazing probably one of the craziest games I have ever seen in my life I just hated having to watch it on ESPN 3 because of all the buffering!!! Just hope we got one more Miracle left in us!!