Where's youdaman at yesterday?

Being a former coach, I enjoy his take on things and the OL. I hope the english/grammer police didn’t chase him off. Youdaman, grade out the line play for us yesterday.

Agree. Looking forward to his comments. Clearly we didn’t play an SEC defense but I imagine Co St’s def line had to as good or better than Portland St. Line is improving.

I sense his skin is tough. I think he’s just a retired guy…and sometimes following the Hogs isn’t the most pressing thing of the moment. I suspect he’s back on by tomorrow.

Nice guy…lives around my area I believe (metro Atlanta). It would be interesting to meet him one day.

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We ll he’s always on gamedays, lots and the day after hope all is we ll with him

You guys blistered him too much. He’s taking time off. The grammar critiques went a little too far. Really, I’m the only one here who should be worried about if they can spell or get the grammar perfectly.

Totally agree, its a darn message board. Hope he comes back soon, usually hes on here daily and haven’t seen him post for a few days. Or I hope he’s ok.

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He’s OK. He’s just spending his time doing something else. He may or may not come back to posting. He’s a good dude and knows the game. Discussed this with him off the board and understand him completely.

Darn, hope Youdaman comes back soon and keeps posting! I read everything the guy writes and enjoy his O-Line knowledge and analysis.


Yep, he has some good insights, hope to see him back soon

Hope he comes back. I have learned a lot from him.

I guess I missed all that. Grammar police were after him??? HOW STUPID! Lord. As someone else said, its a message board, who cares about grammar? My question is always, “Did I understand the message your were trying to impart?” If I did, mission accomplished. Spelling (which I suck at) and grammar just ain’t a thing!!!

Please ask him to come back, I sure miss his post!

Will do. He is as good of a Hog fan as you will find.

As a new member I read the board rules. I guess they’re really just suggestions Because I don’t see much civility on this board

I like his posts. Some of these people around here need to go pound sand. Youdaman is right more often than he’s wrong and knows his stuff. Look forward to when he comes back.

This makes me sad, I really like his posts


Youdaman was blistered pretty bad on this board over grammar. Middle school stuff. I miss him. Good dude. Says what’s on his mind and admits it when he’s wrong.

Who was it that blasted him. I can only guess.

Reread the grammar post. I never notice it. When youdaman posts I always understand what he is trying to get across. We have some holier than thou folks on here. Must be nice to have perfect grammar one’s entire life. Run off enough people and this board won’t be worth paying for.

I appreciate all the kind words that have been spoken here it really means a lot to me.I have decided not to post much anymore and I will explain in a post so that everyone can see. Hope and pray all of you have a blessed day God bless.