Where's the Classical View option?

My first reaction to this is negative. I want the classical view where I can see who responds to what, and whether there are new replies that I haven’t yet seen.

I do like all the ads appearing out of the way of viewing the board. And not flashing.

I have the same question for the same reason. Some say, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Others say, “Fix it anyway!”

Although, when I replied to your post, I see it comes up under your original. Maybe this is O.K.

I’m beginning to wonder. I see that it shows the time of my first post as 9:01 p.m. It’s actually just after 4:00 p.m. CDT where I am. They need to set their clocks.

You will have to manually set-up your time zone. You can do that <LINK_TEXT text=“ucp.php?i=179”>http://forums.wholehogsports.com/ucp.php?i=179</LINK_TEXT>.

Swine–using Matt’s link, what time zone is we in–UTC + what?

Fred, when I went to the link it had the time zone labeled Chicago. Which is the correct one for us.