Where's the basketball board?

When you log in under forums.wholehogsports.com, it doesn’t show up. Just the other 4 boards. I can get to it by logging into one of those 4 boards and clicking on the board name at the top and it shows up on the drop down.

Just checked mine, its there

Lay off the juice HH.

Really. When you first log in under forums.wholehogsports.com it shows up between the football and baseball board on the list on the left?

This is just wierd. I don’t see it when I log in on my phone or my desktop using chrome or edge browsers???

When I log in on my desktop, at the top, left side of the first page, I see “categories” in red then to the left of it I see “All categories” in white. If I click on the white “all categories”, then the drop down shows the basketball board and I can get there that way. That “all categories” doesn’t show up on my phone when I first open the forums.

As I said earlier, I can get to the BB board by logging on another board and clicking on that board name, then the drop down shows the BB board??

When you get it up, bookmark it.

This was an issue several people have mentioned this week. Maybe you guys can pass it on to the computer gurus for us

Hey man, no alcohol here, it wasn’t there last night and it’s not there today. I can get to the BB board by going to another board first then clicking on that board name then a drop down shows the BB board. It’s not there at first log-in,

Ok, it’s really gotten wierd now. The problem is in my account with WholeHogs. I logged out, cleared my cache, etc. Then clicked on forums.wholehogsports.com and I saw the basketball board on the front page. I then logged back in and when the page came back the basketball board was missing.

Am I going to have to close my account with WholeHog and open a new account?

How about someone help!

EDIT: OK - thanks to whoever fixed this. Just now, (2:30 PM - 9/14) the basketball board appeared on the front page on both my phone and my desktop while I was in my account. Whew! I guess this was just attributable to Friday the 13th!

Wow. Sorry, this is happening.