Where's Rocket

Did I miss something?

I logged on to ask the same question. Not only did I miss him, but I really think he would have been great attacking those blitzes-nice screen to our RB/WR who can fly.


I think they tried him once or twice. He is just smaller and Sam wants Johnson on field right now to expense if treylon smith and rocket right now.

I saw Rocket in the game a couple of times but he never got a carry.

Statistical oddity: Reid Bauer had more offensive yards than Treylon Burks.

He did have a screen thrown his way to the left, but it was well covered for a loss.

Say it isn’t so, Swine!

Bauer had 23 yards on the fake FG. Burks had 16 yards receiving and 5 rushing.

Lots of different ways to win a game, but that’s a strange one.

With the emergence of Dominique, I see Rocket either taking over for Burks or joining him at wide receiver.

I think the biggest issue was the lack of sustained drives. DJ had 14 rushes, Smith had 6. If we could have had multiple sustained drives, we would have seen Rocket. It was just one of those weird games. Hopefully, we see him a lot in the next two games.

Could be wrong but don’t see Rocket moving to WR. I think he has the most upside of all the RBs.

Coach Pittman said that Rocket was beat up and couldn’t go many plays on Saturday,

I don;t see him being moved from TB

Just some nagging injuries.

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