Where's Perry?

Please tell me he’s not behind the plate tonight!

I am pretty sure that the umpires here rotate similarly to the pros in a 4-game series so when you see Mr. Costello in a game then the next game you will see him according to this rotation. The home plate umpire in the previous game goes to 3B, 3B to 2B, etc. and the 1B umpire goes behind the plate.

I have been noting this along the way during the CWS (and maybe it was just coincidence on the umps I noted) but it did follow this pattern. I think the last time I saw Costello was the UNC / OSU game Wednesday night and I think he was at 2nd so presumably he would have the early game today (since I don’t think he was on the crew last night) and be at 1B.

Yeah, but if that’s the case and we don’t close it out today, then he might be calling balls and strikes in our winner-take-all game Saturday . . . my worst nightmare.

That would only be the case if Mississippi State closes out Oregon State today. If not, they would get him behind the plate in the early game tomorrow.

Right - which is why I said “might”.


Matt reporting in another thread that he is behind the plate in the early game (MSU/OSU) today so either:

a) they do not rotate as I surmised (I really think they do),
b) I missed a game where he umpired or my recollection was off, or
c) there is another reason for what seemingly is a change in the rotation (umpire sick, etc.)

But you know what? I don’t really care as long as he won’t be behind the plate vs. Florida. We’ll worry about next week…next week. :slight_smile:

Go OmaHogs!!


Since he was behind the plate in Game 5, he should have been behind the plate in Game 13 in a strict rotation. This is Game 11. I’m frankly glad to get him out of the way, just in case Game 13 was us tomorrow.