Where's Elmo, he was beating his chest against UCF

the other day, saying Auburn would kill em, looks like there in trouble. Maybe Elmo’s free 10 day trial subscription ran out

I’d love for his subscription to run out.

Elmo, college football expert. Maybe he found his way back to Sesame Street.

UCF giving em a chance, that was a big penalty and a even bigger missed FG

Game, point, match…Let the hot seat begin

Gus can get ready for some heat! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Self centered soul! Glad UCF pulled it out.

Mock me all you want.

But Gus Almighty didn’t have his guys ready to go. And UCF took advantage of it. He must have been too busy counting his money.

Just may be U C F was better yesterday, wheather Gus Buss had his team ready or not.