Where would our football program be if

Petrino doesn’t have his motorcycle wreck? Don’t get me he wrong he deserved to get fired BUT if that wreck never happens, where is our program today?



AS bad as today.

I’ve said this before, will say it again, Petrino’s recruiting had fallen off. On March 31, 2012 (the day before he hit the ditch) I expected a falloff for the 2012 season and a bigger falloff for 2013. Hitting the ditch just accelerated the decline. If he doesn’t hit the ditch, he either gets fired or leaves for another job within two years IMO.

Petrino’s shelf life at coaching jobs is extremely short, He wears out his welcome. Louisville’s players got tired of him and quit on him in season five; 2012 would have been season five at UA. I don’t think we would have gone 4-8 under Petrino in '12 but we weren’t going 11-2 either.

Hard to know. And no one knows.

Hard to imagine we’d be worse off than we are now though, I do think that’s safe to assume.

Volleyball would have become the 2nd most popular sport on campus.


IMO, we would definitely be better off. How much, who knows. BP would have had a good year in 2012 with that pre-season top25 team. Because of his recruiting, we would probably been down in 2013, and further down in 2014 and fired CBP.

Chances are, CBB would have a different job so we would have hired someone else. The Biggest reason we would be be better off is surely we wouldn’t have hired Morris and any other coach would have been a major improvement!

From my viewpoint Bobby did peak and would not have maintained his big years. The main reason I say that is Bobby was an offense only coach. His offense was great but his defense suffered from lack of attention. I always thought Bobby needed a really good defensive coaxh to become one of the very best. But he was not much involved with time for defense.

I agree somewhat with the statement re: defense, but the fact remains that the Hogs were winning

Yes indeed. we won some exciting big games.

Hindsight’s 20-20. But I’m pretty sure JL Smith would have never been the HC to start the spiral. BP wouldn’t still be here either.

BP had pretty much quit on the Program and recruiting was heading downhill fast (he had rather be in a motel playing volleyball than recruiting). there was a lot of rumbling from the players and his act at The Cotton Bowl wore very thin. Still, have to think the program would have been better off, but we would have almost certainly gone through a coach or two, and Long would have been the one pulling that trigger. Not good.

Long was a very bad hire. Very bad…


We’d probable be better off today, if only because that is currently such a very low standard.

CBP would not be here today, even if he had never owned a motorcycle. 5 years is his longest coaching stint (his recent second round with UL), so no reason to think we’d had a several years run of 10+ win seasons. Most likely, 2012 would have been much better than it was, but not better than 2011.

An equally interesting question is, if more time had played out with CBP as coach, how many of the Petrino Apologists would have turned on him?

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If things fell off at Louisville with Lamar Jackson, I don’t know how he’d have done in the SEC even if he brought Jackson here.

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What happened at the Cotton Bowl? I’ve seen many vague references to his being rude, but I haven’t ever known the details. Surely, enough time has passed for this to be out in the open.

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Inquiring minds would like to know the answer to this question.

Add me to that list.

Granted BP would probably not still be coaching here, but there’s no way the program could be worse off. The Hogs are now crawling back up through the sewer pipe to get in the toilette.


I agree. If BP had stayed, I think our program would have slid & he’d have been fired. However, it’s hard to imagine it getting any worse than it has over past 3-4 years. Of course, the problem wasn’t so much BP leaving as it was with whom he was replaced. J.L. Smith was a bad choice, but at the time seemed reasonable. (Let’s not forget the motorcycle wreck happened in April, not a good time for hiring coaches.). Bielema looked good on paper but was a disaster. Morris looked okay on paper but was a worse disaster.

Pittman is untried as an HC, but his recruiting is top notch & the current players love him. I’m excited even though we might be a year away from playing our first game under him.