Where were you?

I was working at U-Haul on Baseline Rd. and listening to Paul Ells. I was outside the garage when Reed hit the shot and I started yelling, jumping up and down.

Was at the game. Will never forget it.

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I was watching the game with my parents. They had a lot of friends over. When UL went ahead, I just knew we were done. They cut to another game on TV, after a minute or so, my dad tells me he doesn’t think they are going to get back to the game, to go turn on the radio in the next room. I run into the next room, turn on the radio, and before I can get to the right station, someone yells, “Its back on” I head back to the living room and right before I get into the room everyone is screaming and yelling. I keep saying, “What happened?” and all I can get out of anyone one is “it went in, it went in!” I look at the TV and see fans on the court, a UL cheerleader crying. Finally, they show a replay.

So while I watched the game, heard the reaction of the people watching it with me, I actually missed the play live!!!

I was in a hotel room in Forrest City with 3 other guys who were Razorback fans, I worked with at Leader Federal in Memphis.

They weren’t showing the game in Memphis and Forrest City was the closest city showing the game. We picked up a case of Coors once we crossed over the bridge. At that time, Coors hadn’t yet made it East of the Mississippi.

We were just wasted enough that we were jumping around like crazy lunatics when that shot cleared the net.


Watched the game at home at NLR with my parents. After the game and throughout his UA career, U.S. Reed always remained humble. A class act.
If my memory is correct:

  • The Hogs dominated most of the game until the last couple of minutes. I was really upset with the officiating.
  • After the game, UT Coach Abe Lemons was calling the Hogs.
  • Because of Reed’s stunning shot, the NCAA and the networks started the policy of staggering the Big Dance games starting times in order to be able to catch the last few minutes of every game.
  • March Madness and buzzer beaters became synonymous.
  • Reed’s shot is still ranked in the top 10 of Big Dance buzzer beaters.


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Saw it on TV here in Georgia. All I remember about the game was that last shot

I was courtside covering the game. US Reed hit the shot and ran away from teammates who tried to mob him. He escaped and walked to press row and began to shake hands. He shook my hand right after he shook my dad’s hand. Pretty cool.

I also was in NLR in my parents living room watching. I remember being so sick when it appeared we blew it. Then the house went
CRAZY! It was one of those games and moments that stays with you.

I was in a hotel in NYC with a group of U of A students. We all went nuts, and the hotel staff was wondering what was going on.

Was watching in my LR sitting on my couch with my infant daughter on the floor in front of me. I remember leaning back in despair after we went down by one. I’m pretty sure my daughter was permanently traumatized when the shot went in.

Spry Furniture store, Leadville Colorado watching the game on one of many TVs

Playing in a Softball Tournament and was checking with a friend for updates, couldn’t believe it when he told me we hit one from half court to win It!!

I was in our Living Room watching the game with my wife. When that shot went in, I turned to my wife and said “this is what March Madness is all about”.

I was in the managers office at Weingartens Pine Bluff listening to the game. Several employees came over worried about the noise I was making. US Reeds High School coach Jerry Rook was a friend of mine. We had a group of businessmen that met daily to play basketball at lunch. After that day me and Jerry would see who could hit the same shot in the PB gym. I never did Jerry hit it a few times. He took credit for teaching US that shot. A great, great win.

Never have met US but in PB he is well respected as a fine man.

Sitting on the Erwin Center floor under/to the right of the Hogs’ basket. As the ball arched toward me, I looked up and realized I was seeing it through the hoop – and it wasn’t leaving. I remember thinking “it’s going in!” a split second before it did. Then I ran on the floor and tried to find pictures to take. I missed US going down press row shaking hands.

My wife had a conflict and I went to some friends’ home to watch with them. We were standing as U.S. Reed brought the ball up court. As he launched the shot, I dropped to my knees. When the ball went through the net there was just incredible jubilation. It’s still exciting to watch; can’t imagine what it must have been like to be there.

As I was in my very early twenties at the time while myself and several friends watched the game. When that shot went in beer flew all over the room. Just happy it wasn’t my house.

Was at the game with Mr. Burford.It was a great day as we had some great Tex Mex and top shelf Margaitas ,Austin’s best ,and hit several of Austin’s great watering holes so our crew was ready for the game.Thought we had lost so when US hit the shot I jumped as high as I had ever jumped.What a shot,

I was 12 years old watching in the living room with dad. When Louisville hit their clutch shot, I was devastated and knew we were going to lose.

I went up to the tv getting ready to turn it off and go to my room and cry - which I did after every loss.

Dad said, “Don’t turn it off. We have to watch until the end.” “OK, dad” I said with tears in my eyes.

I have never jumped so high in my life.

Dad had been recently diagnosed with MS and could not stand up to join the living room celebration.

But he didn’t have to, as I threw my arms around him in his chair as we celebrated.

Went to Sutton b-ball camp that summer and got U.S.’s autograph. Literally found in an old box a few weeks ago.


Great story. Thanks for sharing. God bless your dad.

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