Where were you

when U.S. Reed hit the winning shot near mid-court against Louisville 36 years and one day ago?

I was working at the U-Haul on Baseline Rd in LR and was outside listening to Paul when it went down. Being 18 years old and a big fan, I was jumping up and down screaming. Will never forget.

I was in a motel waiting to go to the regional in Tuscaloosa

Watching on tv…jumped thru the roof when it happened

Sitting on the baseline in the Erwin Center under the Hogs’ basket with a camera hung around my neck. I had shot quite a few photos that afternoon but not of this play. If you watch the old NBC video of the shot, you’ll just barely see me start running out on the floor. I’m sitting there, US puts up the shot, looking up at the ball, and realized I’m seeing it through the middle of the hoop. And it never left. So I knew a split second before everyone else that he would make it
Even better: Before the game I was wandering around near the media room and heard a couple of Louisville managers making their plans for Bourbon Street the next week. They had already completely dismissed us. So I was happy that Reed spoiled their plans.

Well I was there! I sat behind a family that was fun to watch throughout the game. The Dad was anti anything Hog. He was decked out in his Longhorn gear. The Mom and Son were pulling for us. If I remember correctly we led for most of the game against a highly favored Louisville team but they caught us and went ahead right at the end. Then came US Reed’s shot. Miracle, euphoria! I was young then and caught up in the emotion. I said things to that Dad he will never repeat to his Grandkids. To this day I don’t regret it.

I was with some close friends watching the game on TV at their home.

When Reed put the shot up, I dropped to my knees. When the shot went in, the room exploded in celebration. It was a most memorable end to the game!

Love this stuff. There are just a few moments in life when you remember where and exactly how you reacted and this is one of them.

first half of the game I was finishing my shift as an orderly at the old Springdale Memorial Hospital. Got home to my apartment (Washington Plaza) to see the second half. Went totally beserk at the end.

I have a similar story from the 1990 subregional in Austin. A Texass fan sat in front of us for the Dayton game and trashed Arkansas for the full 40 minutes. When we finally (barely) won I was ready to let him have it with both barrels. But you never saw anybody get out of an arena that fast. Then there was the '95 subregional, in which Syracuse somehow became the crowd darling and they boo.ed our cheerleaders, band and everyone else in red.

At home with my wife, watching on TV. Like I suppose every hog fan, I’d given up. Felt we’d been robbed because we’d outplayed UL & they only got ahead for the first time seconds before. When that shot went down we both jumped up & screamed.

Swine, yep, there for those too. Watching Dayton was the first time I heard " when I grow up and I can’t see, I want to be a referee". Funny as they all wore those WW1 leather flight helmets. There was a little old lady sitting behind my family, probably 90 yrs old. When the Hogs won I don’t think I’ve ever heard blue language strung together like that. She had a talent for that and apparently well practiced. My Dad always said the Princeton cheerleaders were unsightly.

In my living room watching dejectedly–and yet hopefully–wishing for a miracle but not expecting it. When the ball went in, I jumped high enough to touch the ceiling. Mind you, we didn’t exactly have a high ceiling. My vertical is an impressive 5 inches, but I may have doubled it that day! Ha! But it was a great win, and after having met the Louisville coach years later, it couldn’t have happened to a more snobbish person.

Coming back from a Spring Break trip, riding with my parents and sister in our families old chevy sedan. We were driving somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains during most of the game, trying to hear the game on AM radio. We’d hear a few minutes of it, then it would fade as we passed through mountains and thick tree cover. Occasionally we would pull off somewhere where we were getting good reception and listen for a few minutes. We finally made it to our motel as the game was winding down. Rushed to check in only to realize that the small tv only had a set of rabbit ears that wouldn’t pick up the game despite all of our engineering efforts (my dad was an electrical engineer, so this was quite an ordeal as you can imagine). My dad finally gave up and he and I went back out and sat in the car and listened to the end of the game as it faded in and out on the radio. What memories

We were working rice ground and stopped early that day. The whole family gathered up for big meal and we watched the game. My grandmother fed about 60 people twice that day. The house was full wall to wall with hog fans from newborn babies whom couldn’t walk yet to my grandparents in thier mid 60’s. When U S Reed made the shot it went wild! I miss those days I was young! Now my kids have season tickets and I babysit the my grandkids while they go to the football games and the basketball games! I get the hog hats out and get snacks ready and we call the hogs and watch the games ! Start them out early WPS!
The most important things in life are not things! God, family, country, work and our hogs! Sometimes work has a conflict with the hogs! In those circumstance work has to wait until after the game .

At the Erwin Center with 2 of my friends from Holcombe Hall. We were heading down to my home in Florida for spring break after the game. With the stunning reversal, we hit the road for South Florida, driving straight thru. Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores song “Celebration” was big at that time, every time it came on the radio we turned it up and added the words U.S. Reed __points plus 2 as the arena announcer said! Made the drive fun


In a hotel in New York city with a bunch of U of A, Fayetteville students on a Spring Break trip with the collegiate choir from University Baptist. The whole hotel erupted and we scared the heck out of the manager!

Was a boy watching with my dad. I was close to tears standing right next to tv ready to flip it off and run back to my room and cry.

And then, jumping up and down like an excited 11 year old sharing a moment with entire state.

The phone rang off the hook from all my friends all night long talking about it.

Later when I would think we might lose a game my dad would always say, don’t give up because someone might be US Reed today.

I was sitting in the stands. We led the whole game. Lost the lead at the end. It was hard to watch that last shot being launch, but it had a glorious ending!

I was still in high school. My parents had a big watch party. Right before the shot, NBC was switching from game to game. (Seems like Oregon State got beat on a last second shot right at the same time and some other close game too.) They got afraid that NBC wasn’t going to get back to our game in time and had me go turn the radio on. I went into the the next room to turn the radio on. My dad yelled “Its back on” and I started heading towards the den. Before I got there everyone in the room went nuts. I ran in and said “what happened! what happened!” So I actually missed the shot live. We were recording it on the VCR (Batamax!) so I rewatched it.

I was at work with a 10 man crew, 2 of those were Louisville fans and 2 were Kentucky fans and we all watched the game together and to this day when we have a chance to get together the Reed shot is always brought up! Wonderful memories of the past and hope for something as memorable to take place this week. WPS