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more as a fan base or program. We lost a close game to a top 20 team (yeah, I know should have won, but made too many mistakes), and the fans are finding fault with the coaches, players and all of that. That is really a good sign (as long it does not go too far). It means we expect to take down Top teams. I even see a lot of folks talking about beating Bama. I think that is heart and not thinking coming out. Young will have a field day against that defense and Bama’s defense is, well Bama’s defense.


Coaches are open to criticism and even players to a certain degree as long as it doesn’t become personal. I try really hard not to criticize a player and seldom do. Sometimes, things are just obvious as KJ’s fumble. It’s just someone trying to do too much.

Coaches, on the other hand, are the paid professional and criticism comes with the job. Yet, I still try to keep it from becoming personal. I made that mistake with HDN (as did many) and it wasn’t good. CSP still has things to learn as a head coach and I think he will. I love him and I’m glad he’s here. There are going to be times when his peers take him to the woodshed so to speak while coaching a game. Most of them are significantly more experienced as head coaches. Still, no other guy I would rather have.

I’m fine with the majority of KB’s play calling. I have some fundamental differences with the trick play stuff as I just don’t think it’s necessary. There are many other ways to stretch the field and get your playmakers in space (ie. for examples see Bobby Petrino-MSU game). I was expecting more development to the passing game with it being KB’s/KJ’s second year in the system. Maybe that will come in the remaining games but so far this year I don’t see it. There is too much experience on the offensive side of the ball this year for us to be having the problems we are. That’s on KB and CSP ultimately.

On defense, it’s been a little different due to the injury bug. I was pretty critical of Odom the first two years for the lack of pressure we’d put on a QB. Too much cloud. That seems to be fixed this year as we are making QB’s speed up and uncomfortable even when we don’t touch them or get them dirty. I thought dropping 8 when the Aggies were 3 and 30 was a terrible call but I think there’s still so much confusion in the secondary with inexperience that it’s going to happen. A healthy Catalon and Slusher in the secondary and I think our D looks much better.

This team has too many weaknesses to think we’re going to beat Bama. Is it possible? Sure. Likely, no. The biggest reason is we can’t seem to tackle.

It’s good that expectations for our football program have gone up! I’m glad we aren’t in the dark ages of Chad Morris anymore.

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couldn’t agree with this much more. We will go where KJ takes us this year along with the rest of the offense for the most part. So being a little smarter with HOW we balance out the offense is going to be huge through the next 8 games.

Defensively, even with MS back we are still below par at a couple of spots when you are talking depth over a whole game especially and most clearly with tackling. Front 6/7 has been good so far but the bigger tests are coming.

This next week is a bad matchup. I am hoping we figure out a way to just stay in the game and see what happens. I do think we will score some points, but to do so it will take balance and not getting horribly behind the sticks. 1st/2nd downs will be huge for our offense.

Well stated, similar to my thoughts. We have come a long way from four years ago. Expectations are higher which is good. Can we take the next step when we have target on our backs is question? That is hardest thing to do when you are getting the opponent’s best efforts.

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