Where was Kevin Richardson, yesterday?


He played. Not credited with any tackles, passes defensed, etc.

Bump. If he played, it was very little. Hopefully, he’s not hurt.

Bret told me after the game that Kevin Richardson was not available Saturday. About all he did was go out for the coin toss to start overtime. He sustained an ankle injury against TCU and wasn’t able to practice much the last two weeks. I think he tried to run in pre-game and they decided he wasn’t full speed to cover. He was not in the game plan going into the game.

He had to come out of the TCU game three times because of that injury.

He also was battling a virus in that game and left some of himself o the field.

KR was credited on the participation list after the game. Maybe they got the list wrong and all he did was go out for the toss.

Story today says he did not play.

Paul Rhoads said he was in on three plays. He was the nickel for the stop that forced a field goal after A&M quarterback’s long run that was ruled to be out of bounds. Josh Liddell was hurt on that play and had to leave for the rest of that series. That was only time Richardson played.

He was judged to be less than full speed from the high ankle sprain sustained against TCU. The assignment against A&M was to shadow Christian Kirk. Rhoads didn’t think Richardson (nor did Kevin) could keep up with the sore ankle.