Where was Adrio?

Didn’t see him on the bench.

Neither did I. That’s very odd. Especially for a home game. Even if he was suspended he’d still be on the bench.

Someone posted on Twitter he was out with the flu. He didn’t dress out obviously.

Mike said after the game that Adrio’s got it pretty good, too. He didn’t practice the last two days and I’d imagine he’s going to be a question mark for Tuesday’s game at Ole Miss.

I bet he caught it from Beard…

The flu isn’t a joke. I hope the young man takes care of himself and gets better soon.
We need Adrio Bailey healthy on the court.
We have been lucky this year! Beard played with a Bum ankle for about 2 weeks. So really players missing games hasn’t been an issue.

Might be best if Adrio stayed away from his teammates for awhile. We can survive the loss of Adrio for a few games. We can not survive multiple players coming down with it.