Where’s Ricky Council?

What was it Sidney shot to lead the nation one year? 63%? It was over 60 i seem to remember.

yeah I think Sid did shoot in the 60’s he was tough tough around the basket,He’s my alltime favorite Hog! yeah career 61.6%

I loved to hear Mike Nail call a game!


Man, what a negative view, PJ.
Yes, Ricky is struggling, but I don’t see any need to pile on. I believe he will get it back together. Where would we be without him?


Just being honest, man. If you recall I had questioned how can Wichita State not start him, given what he was doing for us. He looked all SEC and NBA draft pick. But now I got answers to my question I had asked.

But I still like him and yes we need him and hope he regains his confidence and starts finishing at the rim and hit midrange jumpers. That is what he did before. Heck, he was scoring when no one else was. His defense is what keeping him on the bench, but I am more worried about our offense than our defense. So, yes we need him.

I still have that Sports Illustrated and somewhere a poster of the cover they sold in the Campus Bookstore

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Yes, not just PJ, many posters have way over reacted to this one game. Ricky has had just 2 games out of 19 that he hasn’t been in double digits in scoring. This was his only single digit SEC game. Even after this one bad game, he’s still averaging over 17 points a game. Do we expect him to have an excellent game every time out? He didn’t seem to be himself in this past game. Did he start? I missed the first 2 or 3 minutes, and he was on the bench. If so, maybe that affected him? Maybe he’s had the flu?

If he has 2 or 3 more games like this, then maybe it will be time to worry. For me, I’m just really glad the other 4 guys were able to pick up the slack from this one bad game for Ricky and finally win another SEC game.


Good analysis on Ricky, most players go through shooting ups and downs, he certainly had some beautiful ups, now he’s in the valley. He seems to be a man that will not allow himself to stay long in the valley, and we need him to hit some mountain tops in big games. If that happens, the team will continue to get better and likely make the NCAA tournament, but without him regaining his form, it will likely be difficult.

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To be clear, I was reacting to Ricky’s shooting mechanics and potential lack of the upside, that the poster mentioned. Nothing to do with his shirt slump.