Where *NOT* to live (OT)

While these are listed in reverse order, the first two are #20 - Red Stick and #19 - Little Rock.


People can’t flee these cities fast enough

Funny - I fled LR in the early. 90’s moving to Benton (which we still call Mayberry USA).

And I never lived in Red Stick but I did live down the road in New Orleans and fled there to move to LR in 1983.

The first 32 years of my life I lived in Pine Bluff. I fled there to live in New Orleans.

I get it.

What a strange article - short on facts and long on unsubstantiated, undocumented claims about some of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan, and thriving cities in the country and,in some cases, the entire world.

Very little research to back their “going or coming” cities… Tampa good, Orlando bad… doesn’t make much sense living in Florida to make those assertions.

I grew up in NLR, lived in Baton Rouge (daughter and wife’s family still there), and on my 2nd stint in Houston. Also spent a lot of time in Denver. I gotta say, LR and Baton Rouge are places I never want to live again. Will probably die with one of our homes in Houston (hopefully many years down the road)

I was pretty stunned last fall when I covered the baseball scrimmage against UALR that was played at old Curran Conway Field. I left there about 10 p.m. and headed to the Embassy Suites. My wife asked that I pick up some snacks. I pulled into several convenience stores, first on 12th Street, then a little closer to the hotel. All were locked up. You could pump gas and pay at the pump, but you couldn’t come in. I think you could buy smokes through a window, but the attendant wasn’t going to go away from her window to get me some M&Ms.

In the 50+ years since I left Arkansas I have noticed over that time a definite shift of folks from LR to Benton, Bryant and Conway. I loved LR in the 50’s but would not care to live there now.

Hope this doesn’t go off a political cliff but here goes:

I like Little Rock. I grew up in a south Arkansas town with 850 folks (had 35 in my graduating class) and went to college in Fayetteville, so I am not ignorant that there are some nice places out there to live.

Like most urban areas, there is poverty in parts of Little Rock and poverty breeds crime. Mostly that crime stays in the Hood and it is mostly “black on black” crime. That area where Clay tried to pick up some snacks is definitely in the Hood now. When Clay lived here, before the majority of the middle class families moved to Cabot, Bryant, Conway, etc. it wasn’t.

I have lived in the Hillcrest part of town for almost fifty years. In that time I have had two incidents. We had a wicker rocker stolen off our front porch and tracked it down to a pawn shop on Asher Avenue. The thief turned out to live in Conway. One other time, I left my car door unlocked and someone apparently wandered by, opened the unlocked door and stole my 35mm camera I had left in the back seat. That’s it.

Good public schools are very hard to achieve when a large percentage of the children come from economically and educationally disadvantaged homes. The more that students run away to local private schools, local charter schools, or move to suburban mostly white schools, the harder it gets. Little Rock has some outstanding public schools from the all Pre-Kindergarten schools to the AP Program @ Little Rock Central. In between, there are a lot of schools that struggle. One of my two children graduated at Central and the other at Mount Saint Mary Academy, so I straddled the fence on supporting Little Rock public schools.

So, I live in a mostly safe part of town and enjoy a lot less traffic on our streets since so many people who could have lived in Little Rock are now living just outside of it. But, a lot of those people come back to shop, go to a Doctor or Hospital, go out to eat, and enjoy entertainment at places that are a five minute drive from my house. So we have the benefits of a half million people economy while living in a hundred thousand people city. If we could keep it that way and just fix our schools, Little Rock would be an even better place to live than it already is for me and my family and a lot of great neighbors. Here is one example of our neighborhood. (My house is at the top of the hill on the left.)


Takes five minutes to walk to the shopping: https://hillcrestmerchants.net/ Here is more information about Hillcrest: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.littlerock.com/explore/midt … Show%20All”>https://www.littlerock.com/explore/midtown/hillcrest?type=&title=Show%20All</LINK_TEXT>

I still love going back to Little Rock. It’s amazing to look at two of the three homes we had in Little Rock. I thought they were giant houses. They are what I’d consider to be tiny now. So that proves that when I lived there I was young and it also goes to show you that homes were smaller 50 years ago.

Oh, yes, one of the three is now gone. The house my family lived in when I was born was on Markham Street across from War Memorial Stadium. It was torn down in favor of a Wendy’s Restaurant. I don’t recall the house. We moved when I was age 2.

It’s funny how you can remember some things. Address of second house: 36 Westmont Circle, Meadowcliff sub division. Third house and the one from third grade through two years of college, 1821 Fair Park. The address of the old Gazette was P. O. Box 1821.

Good post. I’m in Little Rock a handful of times per year, oftentimes for multiple days per trip, and I rarely feel unsafe. Like any urban area, you have to be smart about your surroundings.

I’ve had as many incidents as you’ve had while living in Fayetteville for a shorter time. I left my truck unlocked one Saturday night and found it ransacked when I got in to go to church the next morning, and we had porch pirates steal Christmas gifts a few years back.

Thanks Matt. There is a lot of “Little Rock versus the rest of the state” or “NWA versus Central Arkansas” out there and a lot of these “discussions” end up being a “Great Stadium Debate Hissy Type Fit.” Little Rock just has been a great place to live for me. Our neighborhood regularly gets together for parties. One of the neat things is the wide diversity of people in our neighborhood. We have retired Air Force Master Seargents living next door to Federal Judges. We have Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, retired Health Department workers, young couples renting apartments, retired former Arkansas Supreme Court Judges, regular working folks and very advanced position professionals all coming to the same neighborhood party. When the weather is nice on a Saturday, I walk to Kroger and back and stop by the farmers market too in front of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church. Around Kroger is US Pizza, Damn Good Pies, Bosa Nova Brazillian Restaurant, Mylo’s Coffee Shop, Ciao Restaurant, two Mexican Restaurants, one pool hall bar, and two more good restaurants. There are banks, pharmacies, cleaners, the best vet in Little Rock, Dentists, Doctors, and liquor stores too. Leo’s Greek Castle has the best chicken gyro I have ever eaten. My only problem with our shopping area is, when I don’t want to walk, it is hard to find a parking space. That is my ONLY complaint against my part of Little Rock.

I need to go eat at Leo’s Greek Castle. When I read “best chicken,” then it’s going on my list.

I lived at 1605 Fair Park for 8 years and it’s where my son spent his first 5 years. Many looked down their nose about us live South of the interstate but we made a lot of memories there.

The chicken breast is cut in thick strips and is nicely seasoned all over then seared. Very good Tzatziki sauce. Thick and light flat bread bun. Chunky onion. Way better than the Little Rock Greek Festival Gyros. $5.99. <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/new-l … id=3000683”>https://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/new-leos-owners-do-right-by-the-old-hillcrest-favorite/Content?oid=3000683</LINK_TEXT>