Where is the Pittman coaches show?

I’ve been looking everywhere I can think of, but I haven’t found it.

in Little Rock on Ch 7 Sunday nights…1030 PM…may be available on YouTube but haven’t checked



In Northwest Arkansas it is on KXNW at 9 p.m. and KFSM at 10:30 p.m. on Sundays, and on KATV in Little Rock on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. Yurview (formerly Cox Sports TV) will also show it throughout the week.

If you have Hogs+, the video can be seen there.

Also on Hogs+, Sam’s postgame speech

Trey Knox said on the Pittman show that he thought Saturday was a little louder than Texas. Those who were there for both, what do you think?

No way. The cinci crowd was hit and miss. Hot day, tight game but not a sexy game, with definite lulls in crowd noise. We sit in the north end zone, and you could FEEL the noise when they had 1st and goal after the fumble. Other times it was just a good crowd, and quiet during timeouts and those announcements that they always do.

But the Texas game, man oh man, that game was a constant buzz, even during tv timeouts there was energy, and when the crowd needed to be loud, it was LOUD. Heck, when the game had been over 5 minutes, no one was leaving and the place was still electric.

I mean, for Texas, the crowd felt like a living organism. You could hear the crowd, feel the energy, kinda like right before a big summer thunderstorm. That was just awesome.

The only comparison in rhe 2 crowds, is that the cinci crowd had bursts of energy and noise, whereas UT crowd just stayed hyped nonstop. I’m not kidding, during tv timeouts the crowd was alive. Man, that was a fun night, I’m getting excited just thinking about it.


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I don’t agree with that at all.

FYI, I saw Sam’s show on YouTube…for those that may not have access to some of the other distribution options…

Good to know. Thanks, wizardofhogz.

I was at both games also (Texas and Cincinnati). Agree, the loudness at the Texas game was generally sustained, unlike the Cincinnati game.

However, a big difference was the way that the loudness was sustained in the Texas game: the use of music. There was constant piped-in music played throughout the Texas game… even between plays… that kept the crowd engaged. None in the Cincinnati game (or really any other game last year).

Excellent description of that njght. I was at Texas but not Cincy but thought no way in heck could the Cincy crowd have been better.

The night game definitely gives TX the edge. As stated earlier the TX game never lost the buzz. But when Cincy recovered the fumble on our three and the crowd revved up helping to cause penalties, that was probably every bit as loud on the field.

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