where is the offense?

I know you used the Pats as an example, but I don’t think our QB’s or WR can hit those passes, or catches. To me, against EIU, Storey was off. Kelley is off, and I really don’t see any quickness among the WR’s. I see speed, but I don’t see quickness. You, as a coach, understand the difference. When I watch the Pats, I see quickness among the WR’s and TE’s that allow Brady those completions, I don’t see our guys with that quickness. Maybe it’s the routes they are running, but it’s what I’m not seeing.

and what happened to the Tight ends. We should be SEC legit at tight end and we are rarely throwing to the tight ends. You cant tell me we are short at that position.

I think we have the quickness(Hammond’s would be awesome in that slot position) to run those routes and certainly have TE fast enough to get open… most of Brady’s passes are less than 15 yds all our QBs have the arm strength to throw those it just takes practice and has to be part of your game plan but unless we see something totally different now that we’re in the SEC I don’t think it’s in our game plan very much I guess time will tell

Hammond is pretty quick with the ball in his hands, and has enough speed to be dangerous. But the times I’ve seen him running routes(don’t recall many that were very deep), I have not seen either quickness in his routes or crisp route running. So unless you want a slot receiver just to run slants, jet sweeps and maybe WR screens, it’s hard to keep him there all the time, versus letting him play there and in the backfield.

The defense is going to play him not to run a lot of routes with either depth or sophistication. That’s okay if you’ve got a couple of outside guys who can pressure the defense vertically and a QB who can get them the ball.

I think Warren would be a good slot receiver, but I don’t think he even dressed Saturday for some reason.

Pretty hard to run any offense when your right tackle either stands up and watches everyone go around him or just falls down and doesn’t touch anybody.

When a defense can rush 3 and the QB has .5 seconds to throw the ball, pretty tough to generate anything.

I think Hammonds would be great in that spot but its no use even thinking about it b/c it evidently is not part of this offense.