where is the offense?

Has anyone seen the left lane, hammer down Arkansas Razorback offense. I have been looking for it. I may have seen a glimpse of it in the second quarter vs Eastern Ill, but really I think that was the very weak defensive backfield of a division 2 school. I may have overlooked it since these days, everyone is running the spread so now that offense looks like the normal offense. But I have not noticed the fancy motion and misdirection. And I must be overlooking the hurry up, because it seems like we occasionally hurry up but not all the time. And I just have not seen many chunk plays. I had visions of 500 yards per game against SEC schools, I don’t think we have managed that vs our undermanned “soft” opponents this year. We probably had 500 vs Eastern Ill, we had 300 rushing vs CSU(really 365 when you count Hammonds TD), and then last week, it would be hard for me to believe we got 300 yards total, but I did turn off the misery after the last Cole Kelly int, (what was he still doing in the game with a hobbled right ankle). I have not seen any fancy pants offense at all. I guess we have such a poor O line and poor QB play that we can not run that offense, even against schools that do not match our talent level? I am puzzled. I can see getting your slick offense shut down by big dominating defensive lines, but we should see something that looks like it could be slick and fast, I have not seen it.

It’s hard to do much offensively when the line can’t block and the quarterback play is bad. I suspect this is partly due to the poor line play, but the timing is way off in the passing game. There must have been 10 pass plays that were nowhere close to being successful Saturday, and North Texas had its hands on another two or three interceptions that it couldn’t pull in when the only person who could get to the ball was the safety.

I’m like you in that I expected to see a lot more misdirection and motion to try to get the defenses out of their comfort zone.

Some of that was on the receivers, they weren’t even trying to fight through contact. I know one time Kelley threw a fade route, but as soon as contact occurred the receiver turned inside and didn’t even attempt to fade. There were several times that occurred. Yes, the Oline and QB play needs to improve, but the WR’s aren’t helping

Matt - will you be at the PC today and if so is this something you can ask about?

Not sure if I will make it today. I was up with a sick baby most of the night.

The revolving door on the O-line,QBs and RB positions limit the number of repetitions and experience ours players are getting on the field. I’m of the thought that we need to decide who we have the most faith in and go with them sooner than later, at this point I can’t see where it could hurt. WPS

I saw plenty of motion in the offense this past week. That was more than it had been. I noticed C.J. O’Grady struggling to get lined up on a couple that required motion. There have been jet sweeps with motion the last two weeks. They just have not been effective.

I see bits and pieces of what I saw on tape from Clemson and SMU. I wonder if it would look similar if you went back and looked at the first year of SMU. I just know that it’s not all going to happen at the rate we want. It’s a system change.

I do not know that any of the QBs can run the RPO the way they want. I am pretty sure that wide receivers and QBs were not on the same page while reading coverages in the basic passing game.

What I think might happen is that you will see the rotation at wide receiver shrink so the QBs get the practice time with the WRs that are going to play the most. And, you must settle on a QB, so that QB gets the bulk of time with the center, WRs and backs who are going to play the most.

Right now, there are too many QBs, too many backs and too many WRs splitting practice time and game time. It makes for a poor mesh. That’s what I see. Now who should be getting the time, I can’t tell you. They all look average (or worse) to me. The more number of players you play, the tougher it is to get a lot of practice with a lot of plays and a lot of motion, etc.

The critical aspect of Saturday’s game was just basic football: don’t turn it over. Six turnovers changed that game. North Texas didn’t need much offense to score 44 points. In fact, that was not much offense at all compared to what the Greenies had been doing. They totaled just 376 yards. Don’t turn it over and maybe they cover more yards. I don’t know. But North Texas converted just 3 of 16 on third downs. You don’t score many points with that kind of conversion rate, but the six turnovers changed that.

You are not going to like what I’m going to tell you: Be patient. It’s going to take time.

Teaching all new stuff takes time. I’ve seen frustration with players, too. It’s not worked the way they expected it to work. There probably is a loss of confidence right now. There will be more teaching to reinforce the things that broke down.

I listened closely as Seth Littrell spoke of the three-year process of establishing his culture and his system. Players are now confident in what they are doing. It makes a huge difference.

Matt, if you don’t make it to the press conference, can you ask Jack the following questions: Is he sick because the offense is too Mickey Mouse? Is he a fan of Elmo?

This is a simple, wonderful analysis. This is why we pay for your site. I hadn’t really thought of the sheer number of guys we are rotating at every offensive position.

Thx Clay!


Jack says he never gets sick of Mickey Mouse, unlike Dad, who tries but fails to get the hotdog dance song out of his head. He also says his feeling bad began during the Colorado State game.

All I know is that I’ve watched three straight games where the bad guys were all lining up within 10 yards of the ball, in UNT’s case within 8 yards of the ball, on everything but third and long. It was not press coverage very often, it was just putting a lot of bodies up close.Until we make people consistently pay heavily for doing that, the offense is going to struggle.

It’s probably going to get worse the next three weeks, because the DL for the opposition is not going to be trying for stalemates, they are going to be attacking our OL, with bigger, faster, better guys in the back seven bringing pressure.

I think this is a not a good offense but for the life of me I don’t know why we are throwing it deep all the time,go back and look at the 1st deep thorw to Pettway(who is not real fast) and was smotherd with 2 men look at the middle of the field an you will see it wide open!!! this is whee we must attack,have a TE relaease after blocking,have a RB curl around over the middle,have 3 WRS line upo and have one them “Pick” so we can run someone open there are all kinds of ways to get open over the middle.

J’ville jaquars tore NE up those type routes and NE has done that to teams for yrs!!! how you think those litlte 5’8 WRS they always have catch so many balls,its simple they match them with LB’s whoi can’t cover them!!

This offense can look a whole lot better than it has,they know we can’t block anybody ,yet we contiually try to throw deep,you have to “set up” the deep ball unless you got blazing spped like Bama has.Once you get them worried about the short stuff then you throw over the top,blows me away b/c we did hit some itermediate routes but never stuck with them like NT did…

we are a long ways away but IMO we can look MUCH better if we just tak e MOVE THE CHAINS approach and get the QB soome confidense instead od seeing how far we can throw it and hope for a miracle.

Dabo thinks it’s a good offense, but you don’t?

It’s a good offense, proof is in the history.

It won’t be good until we have a qb and receivers that can run it effectively. That’s a given, extremely dependent on that.

oh I thnk it can a great offesne in time but until then we have find somethung that works and throwing Hail mary’s is not going to fix it. I am just saying we can move the chains with more creative plays.

Ok I understand, your first sentence threw me off.

I agree.

Been watching the Hogs for decades and a season ticket holder for 34 yrs with 4 missed games in that span. This is THE WEAKEST group of athletes I have EVER seen. That is coaching. There has been NO movement from the O-line. They have been jammed backward virtually EVERY snap of the ball. That is totally unacceptable. Get a STRENGTH and conditioning coach that doesn’t put everybody on a diet. I understand dropping body fat percentage but they should gain weight due to the density of muscle being greater than adipose. These young people will get hurt due to the strength difference. Watch as the injuries mount during conference play. Weakness is also a HUGE factor in the missed tackle column, also. This is unacceptable.

I agree about the OL and I wondered how losing all that weight would affect us in the SEC West with all the grown men we face.I think we could do better in the uptempo they were conditioned for b/c the DL wouldn’t always get lined up right and be more worn out but as it is this is nowhere near uptempo watch TCU if you want to see that and also N T did as well.
We don’t fire off the ball at all, are way too high and show no passion, all we do is chest thump and that will never do against a good DL.

I would love to see what we do in team work where they are going agianst scout D,I wondering do we go over all the blitzes the other team uses b/c we missed some very easy pickups against NT(weren’t complicated at all).

I was thinking all the long passes were strictly our QB being young and dumb, just heaving it downfield because he could(he should not be deciding when to throw ling). IMO, we have got to utilize 3 step drops and make quick passes, and timing routes, given the d lines we are getting ready to face. If these coaches can get their heads together and figure out something to get us some first downs. and keep our killer crazed opponents from killing us, they will win back some respect that they lost the last 2 week.

exactly we just need to move the chains! HR can be made if we can make them cover the short passes first.

Defenses will continue to put eight or nine men in the box and dare us to throw it. It is going to be ugly until we can make them pay.