Where is Payton Willis headed?

Former Fayetteville HS star Willis requested a transfer from Vandy and was granted a release last week.

That’s very interesting… Is he restricted from transferring to a SEC school?

Is he an upgrade? I’ve never really thought he was anything other than a 4th or 5th guard. As a sophomore this year, he averaged 5 PPG and just over 1 APG and shot 33% from the arc in 18.5 MPG for a really bad team.

Those numbers pretty much mirror what Beard did his freshman year. I’m fine with them adding him as a roster guy if they think he can help, but he has been cast as “one that got away” because he’s from Fayetteville, and I just don’t think we have missed out much.

I read about this in Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It did not mention any restrictions. I am with Pig. I don’t think we should use a roster spot on him. We are okay with our group of guards.

I agree, I think we’re more than fine guard wise for the next couple of years at least.

Also, not to change subjects. But, I know you and Notrious follow recruiting closely. Have you guys heard anything about this yet?


I have not

Would be very surprised if they were interested. They passed on him in HS.