Where is our AD?

I get we made traditional complaint and all but this warrants so much more.

We should not fold tent and go away like always.

Even if losing battle we need to keep pushing this - many see us getting robbed.

Maybe there is leverage for us after all in this conference but we can’t create leverage if we don’t be try

National pundits seems stronger than we are willing to be

Let’s make some noise for a change

Hunter is not the type that is going to play that kind of conflict out in the public, and we have no way to know what was said in his conversation(s) with the conference office.

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Nor should he.

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I get it

If behind closed doors, hope he is using surrogates to make the public case to over turn

This is a rare moment to leverage

Doesn’t come along often

And not for a program being treated by sec this way

Got to get something for this

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The Only way we can continue to help HY leverage this is for Arkansas to beat Ole Miss

The SEC sees Arkansas as a small hinterland program has little leverage on SEC decisions

The SEC decisions on this years scheduling and - despite the SEC all high and mighty words about traditional games and schedules - chose to change Arkansas rival for thanksgiving - (Apparently without much Arkansas input - or that Jeff Long Screwed up) because - Our tradition didn’t matter in Arkansas case light of getting TAMU in the fold

Arkansas original role was simply to expand the conference so the SEC could have a playoff and that’s no longer important - We are not respected (and we have played into that with poor play)

Our fans also are tame we don’t assault and harass SEC officials by parking manure spreaders outside their gated community homes or offices like Bama, UGA or UF fans do

Officials do not fear us - despite the one Suspension of Marc Curles 2009 crew - it wasnt because of Arkansas protest - It happened because of media attention - And the egregious influence of the Ark vs UF game that Mr Curles crew did - however, Mr Curles continued to have lunches with the SEC brass

IMHO the best thing for Arkansas is Beat ole Miss - and this will keep the press referring to the fact that Arkansas should be tied for 2nd in the SEC West going into the TAMU game - which would make a better TV game - but SEc protection of Charter member Auburn actually hurts them

But if Arkansas loses - the story will over because its obvious Arkansas wasnt that good - Arkansas needs to win this game

TYSM for reading my rant We need to stop Chanting “SEC” at Bpwl games and in March Madness - the SEc doesn’t give a dam about us and we should them except come pay day and that’s one thing the SEC does right that the SWC never did

Im really proud of what Coach Sam has done and I think the future is bright

but a win vs Ole Miss will really help this team - my hope all these players are angry and that they know they won and with a win vs Ole Miss they can get a reward for their grit and play -

They beat Ole Miss I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkansas beats Tex A&M and restores order to the universe - Ark should almost always beat tex A&M - its the order of things :slight_smile:

TYSM for you that read and allowed me to rant - I fee better

He tweeted saturday night that he has contacted SEC office and complained, and he tweeted separately his strong feelings on the end of game. I thanked him, as that kind of communication is nice to hear.

Now, what all he does behind closed doors, I have no insight there.


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Correct there will be no changing who won or lost. It will forever be on record AR lost.
Now as stated earlier the media and other sources can continue to revert back to this game and that play, if it has bearing on a ranking and/or bowl game later.

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