Where is Marty.

Not seeing you posting. I hope your doing ok!

Thanks for asking.

I spent all weekend (starting on Thursday night) at Baum. We had a set up party (for our tailgate) on Thursday evening. Then we had all day tailgates each day. Mimosas in the morning and some of the best food around. Oh, and there was some baseball to watch.

Yesterday I spent watching some more baseball. Thank you Tennessee Tech for ensuring that OMAHA still means Ole Miss At Home Again.

Today I had errands to run.

I agree. I was pulling big-time for Tech against the Black Bears. Was thrilled to see them sweep them and then dog-pile on their field with their own water spraying party.

And I love that acronym. Just…might…use…it…myself… :smiley:

I just seems more like baseball season when your posting and involved on the board! I hope you had fun watching baseball and got your belly full!

Love that OMAHA, Marty. My least favorite SEC team in
baseball. A loss for Ole Ms in any sport puts a smile
on my face.

Well, that just made it to my facebook page :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved on Facebook, love it here. I’m sure a certain Houstonian of our acquaintance did as well.

Yes he did. His comment was: “GO TO HELL OLE MISS, GO TO HELL.”

I hope you added some LSU flavor to it!

Nope, this was pure detest for the rebnecks. Swine Fusion and I were taught by former board member MalvernHog’s Aunt Shorty. He is the one who made that comment.

The only bad part of my most recent hire is that the first thing he decorated his office with was an Ole Miss helmet. He is a Hog fan but went to Ole Miss. not sure who he roots for between the two, but I think the Hogs. (It will effect his evaluation! )

I was taught early by my parents to hate Ole Miss.

It’s never too early to hate Ole Miss. And I love Marty’s acronym about OMAHA. I’ve repeated it several times to friends and acquaintances.