Where is Jordan Jones

He looked good vs Bama, caught a deep ball and a TD. Since then he has disappeared, playing only sparingly. He did have a 19 yard catch on a Saturday but his snaps have been limited. He is still listed as 1st team on the depth chart but what has happened here? Maybe our new coach will be able to use the weapons we actually have.

He was out there quite a bit on Saturday. I did not notice him being open and not getting the ball, but he did play quite a bit.

He has to get open to have the ball thrown to him. Then Cole Kelley has to make the right read to see that he’s open to throw the ball to him. Then the offensive line has to give Cole time to progress through his reads to find him open. I doubt it’s a matter of the coaches saying don’t throw the ball to Jordan Jones. All they basically can do is put him on the field. Now they could run some more jet sweeps with him, but there are so many variables when it comes to pass plays. That may be why Lou Holtz used to say, Three things can happen when you call a pass and two of them are bad.

Who was the WR that Kelly over-threw on a deep route Saturday? I thought it was Jones. Whoever it was, was wide open and Kelly just flat missed him.

Not a criticism - just a response to the OP and statement of fact.

I thought it was Stewart, but I’m not certain.

[quote]I thought it was Stewart, but I’m not certain.
It WAS Stewart.

Yes, it was Stewart. Stewart was not only past the DB by 10 yards, but inside of him by 10 yards. That was one of those you take something off of and throw to the inside and the DB will never get there. Austin is pretty good at that one. Kelley still learning.