Where Is J. Phillips going?

This isn’t quite as confounding as the departure of Darious Hall, but close. Really surprised he didn’t give it a little more time here. Had he been healthy from the start of pre-season practices, I have no doubt the kid would be logging major minutes for us. It just seems we are not destined to have a quality mid sized swing man. Phillips just the latest in a string that starts with Nick Wieler-Babb and includes Jimmy Whitt, Khalil Garland and the aforementioned Hall.

I think Jordan expected to much to fast considering his situation. His day would have come had he stayed here with the schedule given after coming off the injury. MA spoke highly of him & it’s obvious why.

Watching Nick Wieler-Babb against K-State. He has developed into a player. Iowa State and has been fighting injuries all season. Their freshman play well above the level of Arkansas freshman. There is only one Iowa kid on their roster and he sees limited playing time.

Y’all are assuming that it was the player’s decision.

But I am told that the family was unhappy with his playing time, not the kid.

I think we all forgot to think of that aspect a lot of times. I got a friend that keeps switching his son on different AAU teams because he always thinks his son should be the featured player and always wants him to get more touches.

Sometimes the parents can be more unrealistic than the kids, I don’t know what more they expected from CMA, he’s coming off of 2 surgeries, and CMA was steadily working him into the rotation not rushing him so he doesn’t get injured again.

Did the family have a sit down with Mike & discuss Jordan’s situation & timeline coming off of the injury?
I guess the kid had no say so then.

In the overall picture, it doesn’t matter. The USA is a country when people move a lot. Sometimes people just want to try something new and different. Good players transfer out and other good players transfer in so it balances.

Of course it was his decision, the family may have been pushing it but ultimately this is an 18/19 yr old adult. His mommy and daddy can’t force him to leave a situation. He had to have agreed.

So where does he go and what Power 5 coach is going to want deal with pushy family members?

At this point who cares where he goes’. He isn’t part of our team anymore.