Where is Gashog

Is he still on this board?

Good question. I think he did make it over to the new board, but with a slightly different screen name. Haven’t seen anything resembling the gashog brand here lately though. Hope he is OK and gets back on here soon. You know that he is going to love this year’s team.

He is still on the board with the same username.

Gas we need you and your thoughts on this hoop team, WHO’S KEEPING THE DPG STATS?

He’s still a member, but when you click on his profile, it shows he was last active on August 14, 2016. Not sure if “active” means that it’s the last time he made a post or the last time he was online.

I’m not sure that I buy that “last active” stuff. On the front page, it shows that my “Last visit was: Jan 06, 2017 8:27 pm” :?: :?:
Since I rarely miss a day being on here and I was on yesterday and several times today, that is a bit off.

I looked at Jimmy’s Facebook page and he hasn’t posted anything there since Christmas. Maybe he’s just been a busy boy.

True, but he was tagged in a picture from mid January.

He might still be in Belk Bowl shock !

… and he liked a link that I posted on Facebook today.