Where is Gafford??

Am I missing something? Has he dissapeard?

He has been shoved around

Army, I love this kid. He is going to be really good once he puts some weight on that frame of his. I just don’t see how he is ready for the NBA. I just don’t see him as a one and done. I will be more than happy to see him Back did another year. Especially with the class that’s coming in.

Got two fouls early

That explains the disappearance.
Sure do need him!

Boy playing against men plain and simple

Got in foul trouble early in the first half, struggled to get a unblocked shot off in the second.

Strength is really going help him, seems to easily pushed off blocks and out of rebounding position. Am shocked that has had as much trouble as he has getting shots off.

Totally agree with this. Daniel has played really well against teams that don’t have dominant bigs. But last week against Georgia and now this game make him look weak. The draft is all about potential but he sure looks like he needs a year of polished post game and weight gain.

He also gets some really unnecessary fouls. I’m not sure what he’s thinking a lot of the time.

He is really struggling.

From what I have seen, Gafford 1. lacks the physicality of the SEC big men. He must first develop his body and strength. 2. He has to learn to play a forward position; that is drive and shoot if he is going to play NBA in the future. 3. Develop some moves around the basket i.e. footwork, finish with both hands, etc. In my opinion, he is a long way from NBA at this time. He needs a minimum of two years in AR. His lack of skills and experience has rendered him ineffective down this stretch.

Daniels energy level has gone down. I really do think he has hit a wall, whatever that is. He still plays very very hard. But it’s not working out as well. On the road it’s worse because or pace is worse. The slower we play oddly the worse it is. But not forgetting the very athletic winning tip in recently, but in general when we play fast he plays well. Our pace on the road is putrid and a big part of our road woes, and his as well.

He will be a great play in a few years, but certainly not now. Most every SEC team has better or far more effective big men.

The “glass half full” response is: “preparing for his second year with the Razorbacks”.

247/CBS put up an updated mock draft today, they have Gafford as #16 in this year’s draft.

There’s teams that will seriously look at Gafford as a late first rounder just for sheer potential no matter what he does to finish this season. With that said, Gafford really needs to come back another season and get stronger and work on his offense and shooting. He improves on that and he’ll be a lottery pick the following year.

You and I are on the same page . . . viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14582

The kid did a great job of handling the non-conference, but the SEC bigs are freaks of nature and way more physical. I have actually been impressed with how he has hung in there against the bangers. I can’t imagine how many bruises he has.

My biggest issue is that I feel like the team isn’t putting Gafford in a position to be successful as he can be.

His strength is in transition and diving to the rim on pick n rolls. In SEC play, its harder to get out in transition, and I feel like we don’t run many pick n rolls with him. Him simply trying to post up bigger and stronger defenders is neutralizing him and thus, not allowing him to show is true potential.

The issue’s with pick n rolls though, is that we don’t have enough shooting to space the floor and allow room for Gafford to dive to the rim. He will definitely be more effective at the next level due to the floor spacing. Hopefully next year we will have more shooting. This year with our 4’s (no shooting) and Hall (could be a decent shooter) and Bailey, the floor is just so clogged and bogs down our offense.

Just my 2 cents.

I too would like him back a 2nd year but I also have to consider the young Aggie we saw last night. If he comes out last year, by all accounts I read, he’s in the lottery, possibly high in the lottery. Doubt he’s even top 20 this year. If Gafford is assured of being top 20, it would be hard to blame him if he goes.